Thursday (Graduation Day)
Went back to school for breakfast at FC6. It feels weird when you are the only person wearing uniform, but soon after more NS guys in uniform came. Had wanton mee and seafood soup for lunch. Really missed the food/good old times there. Went to take a token of appreciation from Mr Ahmad for my WSC, it was a pen given by the principle of ICT.

The SP convention center is very nice, with 2 large screens on top on both sides. I was very impressed by it. The whole ceremony took about 2 hours. It was shorter than I expected. You are given 1 white card with barcode on it, once you reach the stage, you have to scan it, then it will read out your name and then you proceed to collect your empty scroll box. Very computerised.

Had a meal at Holland Village Swensens before going back to Tekong.

Another hurdle of studies had just been crossed.

Click here for the graduation photos.

Reach Singapore at around 7.30pm. First thing I did was go back and bath for 30 minutes, I had never felt that clean for the past 7 days of my field camp.

Had a late dinner at Holland Village’s Swensens, bought back some Ice Cream mooncake. Just love ice cream mooncake.

Met up with my secondary school friends for supper. It has been 3 weeks since I last met them. 1 of them going to ORD in 2 days time, time flies.

Met up with LiXiang, Jackey and Johnson at Orchard Road for movie, Alien vs Predator. Also long time didn’t watch movie at Cineleisure because their Internet booking system sucks. They upgraded it, much better but still can’t beat GV’s one.

Got myself a Billabong’s handphone pouch.

Went to City Link’s Akashi Japanese Restaurant for dinner and on they way visited Comex 2004. The whole of Suntec City was VERY crowded. Apple 4g 20GB iPod is just going for $470 and 5 months ago, I bought the 3g 20gb for $748, really heart pain. Sighz.

Got myself a maglite for $29.95 which is using 2x AA batteries which can be used for outfield.

Chill out at Gelato Cafe, it was quite expensive but it is very nice. Had the Banana Waffle with 2 Scopes of ice cream and that cost me $11.30.

Went to pray my granny and at the temple located at Waterloo Street because tomorrow is the 15th day of the hungry ghost festival.

Finally had a chance to eat Bak Kut Teh for breakfast after craving for it during the fieldcamp.

Went to Comex 2004 again, got a new digicam, Sony Cybershot DSC-T1. As usual, it will be property of my mom’s company. It is made in Japan and a 5.0MP camera. Got it for $849 with some free gifts. Got a Sony 128mb Memory Stick Duo, Scandisk 256mb Memory Stick Duo, tripod, cleaning kit, carrying case and a $50 Takashimaya shopping vouchers. So the camera just cost around $650 after minusing those stuffs. Wanted to get the TDK DVD DL writer, but it is sold out and I do not have the time to wait for the next batch to come. Think I will get it at Sitex 2004.

Had some light snacks at Marche before coming home.

Will be booking in very early tonight, need to reach Pasir Ris at 6.15pm because tomorrow I will be having my 8km road march and situational test. Another 3 days outfield. Sian.

Life In Tekong
For the past 7 days, I am outfield. You will be shag and dirty like you you never shag and dirty before. But as compared to other companies, I think our outfield quite welfare. We had 1 can drink everyday, had a BBQ session on the 5th day, got to shower on the 4th and 5th day and we got only 1 turn out. We got all these welfare because our OC will be quitting army soon and we are the last batch.

We did 2x 4km run in vest slack, tactical roadmarch in FBO, tactical movement, cover and concealment, firing of blanks, digging of trench and of course BIC (Battle Induction Course).

The reclaimed land is the worst, really a mosquitoes heaven. Mosquitoes fly around like flies. Took me 4 hours to dig the bloody god damn trench there. Had a turn out on that night at 4.30am. Luckily I was awoken by many blue light sticks walking around and I got ready my stuffs before that. As soon as the sergeants threw the thunder flash, I am the first one to take my field pack and got out of my shell script. I feel so proud of that. LOL

Just left with sit test, live grenade throwing and range. Just another 3 more weekends and that marks the end of BMT for me hopefully.

25 days to POP!