Reach Singapore at around 12.30pm. Wanted to catch Bourne Supremacy at GV Tiong Bahru at 1.50pm, but couldn’t make it on time, thus I had lunch with my family at Alexander Village eating the Depot Road laksa. No idea why I was so thirsty at that time. Drank 4 types of drinks (soya bean, ice milk tea, banana milkshake and olong tea) while having my meal.

Came home meddle about with my computer. The 2nd phrase of Half-Life 2 pre-loading begun, this time it pre-loads around 900mb worth of audio data. Windows Media Player 10 has also been released. It has so much improvements compared to WMP 9.

Met up with LiXiang and Laily at Far East Plaza for some shopping. I didn’t buy anything though. I spend most of my money on food. Whenever I booked out, I always have cravings for desserts like ice cream, cakes and chocolates. Had dinner at Scotts foodcourt, tried out the stall, Chef@Work. It was rather good. It serves western food at a cheap price with a reasonable portion, even though it was not filling for me. NS guys always eat alot.

Had dessert at Blood Cafe. The cakes, drinks, salads and sandwiches there is fantastic but the price is rather expensive. Not many people know that there is a cafe inside Project Blood Brother Shop at Paragon.

Went to HMV to check out the release date of Fatboy Slim latest album, Palookaville. It will be release on 4th October 2004. Eminem will also be releasing his new album, Encore, on 16th November 2004.

Caught Garfield at Cineleisure at 9.30pm. Suppose to watch the 7.40pm show, but it was sold out even though LiXiang bought the tickets at 2pm. The movie was rather short, around 90 minutes. Overall the movie was ok, animation and physics of Garfield was rather excellent. Heard from Laily that 300 animators did the animation of Garfield.

Had brunch at Akashi Japanese Restaurant at Tanglin Shopping Center before going to Orchard Road for a walk. My brother and I bought 2 Adidas polo shirt, it was a new design. My mom bought 1 Adidas t-shirt and a track pants. My family just love Adidas products.

Had dessert at Blood Cafe again, this time I tried the Cesar Salad and the Chocolate milkshake. The salad was good while the chocolate milkshake was excellent. It is the best milkshake I had drank so far.

Mom going to cook dinner tonight. Finally some home-cooked food.

Life In Tekong
Had SIT test on Monday to Wednesday. We had our 8km roadmarch to the SIT test site, which is at the reclaimed land. The roadmarch was not that shag because of the rest during the weekends. 1st day was all lectures. 2nd and 3rd day had our 4km fast march and 2km fast march respectively, and that was quite shag. They are supposed to shag us out before taking the test to see whether we can think when we are shag. The missions was quite fun, it involves alot of tieing ropes on the logs. The walking part before every missions is kinda fucked up, we walked round and round just to get to the next station, even though the next station is just behind us. Kinda lame.

Had BAC (Basic Assault Course) on Thursday, the final run down of BCCT, my whole uniform was very dirty, much more dirty than the BIC. But BAC is not as shag as BIC.

Had IPPT Trial test on Friday. Got 14 points in total, but still fail because of my chin-up. Did 51 sit-ups, 10.3s for shuttle run, 216cm for SBJ, 2 for chin-ups and 11.01 min for 2.4km. Finally I passed my SBJ and break the zero barrier for my chin-up, was quite happy about it even though I fail.

Initially there was RT (Remedial Training) because too many people fail 2.4km in the company, but after some clarification from the Sergeant Major with the PTI, it was the fault of the PTI timing. They are suppose to minus 2 minutes for the interval and not 1 minute. Was very relieved when I heard that.

Had many BTP (Basic Target Practise) this whole week to prepare for the live range. Kinda love the lesson because it is in the IMT, and IMT is air-conditioned.

Going to have my live range on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and live grenade throwing on Saturday. Which means I will book out on Saturday night instead of afternoon. =(

18 days to POP!