Booked out yesterday night, reached Singapore at 8.30pm. Suppose to booked out tonight, but they had changed the schedule. They postponed the Live Grenade Throwing to Sunday instead of Saturday, which means I will be booking in later at 8.15pm. Very short weekend indeed, less than 24 hours.

Bloody company that organising the CO’s evening set the theme for that night to be cultural (I can’t remember the word to use, but I know the word starts with letter e), which means we are suppose to find cultural clothes within that “less than 24 hours” booked out time. I can’t be bothered about it, shall be wearing formal.

This week is really a hectic week, everyday had been waking up at 4.45am and falling in at 5.15am because of 1 day GAC (Grenade Assault Course) and 3 days Live Range.

Just as I thought my uniform will be free of sand after BIC and BAC, GAC came. I really hate leopard crawling.

Live range was very fun, 1st time I shot, I was shocked by the recoil because it was 10x the power of the recoil in IMT. But once you are used to it, the recoil is nothing much. Live range was quite easy to pass. I think I got 23 shots out of 32 shots. Marksmanship is 28 hots. But waiting to shoot is really boring. Shooting takes around 15 minutes and you had to wait like an hour or more just to shoot that 15 minutes. Night firing starts at 7pm. If you are the first detail, it is not really night, by using the small aperture you can still see clearly. But once night comes, the firing is very spectacular, we used tracer rounds and you can see laser effects just like starwars.

They are plenty of stars in the night, you can never get that view in Singapore. On the 2nd day afternoon, we saw a ring instead of the sun, it was something unique.

Finally Pegasus did well for live range, they did everything very fast, 1st night we reached company line at 11.30pm,2nd night we reached at 8.30pm. Considered other companies reached back pass 12 midnight.

Now left with live grenade throwing, 4 SOCS, 1 IPPT test, 16km and 24km route-march and that concludes my BMT phrase.

Will be having my CO’s Parade and CO’s Evening on Tuesday, IPPT test on Wednesday, Games day on Thursday, 16km route-march on Friday and Saturday will be my last booked out.

12 more days to POP!