Booked out the earliest so far, took the 8am fastcraft, reached Singapore at 8.30am. Had breakfast at Hans with my parents before meeting up with LiXiang for The Terminal at GV Marina.

The show is slightly more than 2 hours long, is a good show, nice storyline (based on a true story) with a little touch of romance.

Tried the new 6 piece shrimps from Mac Donald’s, it is so tiny and nothing special about it, Mos Burger’s shrimp is still the best.

Met up with Laily, Serene, Geargina, Suqin and Johnson to celebrate Johnson’s 20th Birthday at Kuali – The Asian Kitchen in Suntec City. The food there is very average and thus it is overpriced. The Joaquim Buffet Restaurant is much better.

Went to the Chocolate Bar at Esplanade to chill out. Saw Ismail and Hafiz there. Chatted with them for a while. Didn’t realise that Chee Ming, Ismail and Darren is in Ninja, so close to Pegasus but didn’t notice them. Damn, I can’t remember which coy Hafiz is in.

Happy Belated 20th Birthday AiLian and
Happy Belated 20th Birthday Johnson

Went to Waterloo Street’s Temple to pray before going to Din Tai Fung for lunch. I didn’t realise that there is Social Studies in ‘O’ Levels till my brother bought the book.

Bought 2 pairs of toe socks from Takashimaya for my 24km road march in the hope that it will prevent blisters. Had some snacks at Blood Cafe before heading home.

This past weeks had been editing Invision Forum skins to match my site layout, screenshot #1, screenshot #2. Will be relaunching my forums mainly for support on my WordPress Hacks. Had been getting lots of email about that, so I think a forum will ease the trouble of replying the emails.

Life In Tekong
Had been in Tekong for 7 days and that sucks. Had my live grenade throwing on Sunday, I think the grenade power is reduced to 30% or was it 70%, but nevertheless it is very loud. Out of my whole coy, there is only 1 blind. Suppose to wait for 30 minutes, but the demo man just go to the grenade after 5 minutes and detonate it and the sound is even louder.

Had my IPPT final test on Wednesday, as expected I failed, failed by 3 chin-ups. Shuttle Run: 10.2s, SBJ: 216cm, Situp: 51, Chin-up: 3, 2.4km: 10.48min. Total 15 points.

Got selected for MP(Military Police) interview, they really did lots of filtering, but luckily I am still in it. Hopefully can get posted to MP.

Had my 16km route-march on Friday together with MoHawk, Raven and Orion. Was the last coy to leave but the 2nd one to come back to BMTC. Raven was the first because they get to booked out after that and of course they will be super motivated. The rest only get to book out on Saturday morning.

Returned all the stores right after the route-march and emptied almost 3/4 of my cupboard to my black trolley bag

Monday: SOC Trial Test, OC’s Evening
Tuesday: SOC Test
Wednesday: 24km route-march
Thursday: Pass Out Parade.

4 more days to POP!