Had my Pass Out Parade(POP) at around 4pm. Everything went on smoothly, even the human traffic is very well regulated as compared to the parents visiting day.

After the parade ended, all of us from Pegasus(including sergeants) form a very huge circle with our OC and 2IC in the middle and we sang Peng You, the feeling was very good.

Alot of people took pictures with our Sergeant Major because he is the only CSM in red berret. Snacks was quite good. We are the 4th company to leave Tekong. Reached Singapore at around 7.30pm.

Met up with Pei Jun at Tiong Bahru Plaza for a chat/dinner, the last time I saw her was before enlisting in army. Had dinner at a cafe located just outside GV Tiong Bahru. Surprisingly the cafe was empty and we are the only customers inside. The food was not bad and the price is reasonable.

Had breakfast at my house’s downstairs coffeeshop with Calvin. It has been at least 5 months since I ate the Wan Ton Mee there.

Met up with my section mates at Plaza Singapura for a movie, but every single time slot of New Police Story was selling fast, thus we end up watching it at Suntec City.

The show is good, very worth my $8.50, it is not really a typical Jacky Chan movie, maybe that explains why it is good. Wanted to watch a movie marathon all the way till next morning but as usual after the first movies, many of them backed up and we cancelled the plan.

Had dinner at Fish & Co, this time I did not eat the Seafood Platter, instead I ate the fish and chips. It was quite good.

Life In Tekong
On Monday had my OC evening, it was fun, with more than enough food for everyone and I think my platoon and platoon 4 performance was very outstanding because the other 2 platoons just sang songs and it was boring.

Had my SOC Trial Test, timing was around 12.30 because it took me 5 tries just to clear the low wall. Suppose to take the actual test on Tuesday but suay suay there is an IPPT retest on that day and thus I have to take the IPPT retest instead of the SOC test. But I chao keng and did not take the retest because I know I sure fail one. LOL

The thing I hate most torwards the end of BMT is the POP rehearsal, 5 bloody hours standing there doing the whole parade over and over again. And the voice of Mohawk CSM and the School 2 SSM just irritates me further. Mohawk CSM always say “Its Horrrible”.

As usual, our sergeants always not around, wanted to take pictures with them during POP but none of them are around because they got duties to do.

Will be booking in tomorrow at 7.15pm for a IPPT re-test on Monday at 7.30am. Will be booking out at 11am after the test. I don’t feel sian because 3/4 of my platoon will be booking in also because either they fail IPPT or fail SOC. LOL

Thinking back, BMT was very fun and enjoyable but not PTP. During PTP we got fucked like we never got fucked before, almost every 2 days got Stand By Area/Bed because there is just too much free time.

In BMT, sometimes in a week do not even have a standby and we seldom got punished. We suppose to have a Stand By Universe on the last day, but due to lack of time, we just fall in for the POP instead. My favourite item for the whole BMT is still Live Range.

Pegasus Song
I may never march in the infantry,
Ride in the cavalry,
Shoot the artillery,
I may never march in the infantry,
But I’m Pegasus Company ya.