Had lunch with my family at a Chinese restaurant in King’s Hotel. The service sucks because for 20 minutes we are like glass, no one bothered to serve us utensils and to take our order. In terms of food, only 3 dishes are good, the rest cannot make it.

Suppose to watch New Police Story with my parents, but end up meeting my platoon mates for dinner at Marina South. 14 people turned up, more than those who booked in for the re-ippt/soc. LOL

Quite alot of China people there, there is this table beside us, a bunch of ladies, they can eat till quarrel and throw stuffs at each other. The irony part is that the 2 person quarrelling part did not cry but I have no idea why the lady beside her is crying.

Met up with LiXiang at Ikea to buy lamp for Serene. Was surprise that the bulb cost much more than the lamp alone. Weird.

Went to LiXiang house to help her take the food stuffs to Laily house, and on the way to buy beer at NTUC, I saw Rayson. Haha, such a small world and he turn out to be LiXiang primary school mates. He also happens to know Bernard. Really small world.

Celebrated Suqin and Serene birthdays at Laily house, had steamboat till 12.30am. Geargina appeared on the Channel U 9pm show to play some games and she keep saying that she looks weird. Haha no idea why.

Suddenly have cravings for mac-Donald’s ice-cream, went to the 24 hours drive thru at West Cost Road and surprising there was quite a queue as many people walk in to buy.

Happy 20th Birthday Suqin.

Went to pray at Waterloo Street before going to Suntec for lunch. Don’t know what to eat after walking 1 round around the restaurants surrounding the fountain of wealth, we settled for Olio Buffer Lunch. It was $16.90++, spread was so-so but food tastes quite good. They have sushi, pastas, pizzas and some Chinese food.

I bought an orange Nike t-shirt from Nike Bird while my mom bought a shirt and a bag. The design of Nike shoes for ladies and children is SO MUCH nicer than those for men.

Met up with LiXiang after that for tea and dinner. Had a cake and drinks at Blood Cafe. While walking across from Paragon to Crown Prince road, we witness a minor accident. That was this kid that just dashed across the road when it was red man and the traffic light just started to turn green, he was knocked down by a car and luckily the car was not speeding and he did break in time to soften the impact. The boy stood up after he was banged and walked to the side of the street feeling shocked of course. Then there was this couple, no idea whether it was his parents or not because if it was, they did not cross the road with him. If not it means his parents just cross the road leaving his son behind them. Then the driver stopped beside and came down to ask if the boy is ok and that couple keep scolding that guy non-stop. I mean come on, it was not his fault as it is red man and he was not speeding. That bloody couple really unreasonable.

Had dinner at Heeren’s Marche because LiXiang did not try it before. After paying, I got the shock of my life, I nearly lost my mini credit card. Damn it small size card is not a good thing sometimes.

Sighz, so fast 10 days block leave gone, got to report tomorrow at 8am at the Mowbray Camp.