Woke up at 6am and reached Pasir Ris Park at 7.20am for a 5km Life Run organised by Provost Unit. It was a cooling weather to run, cloudy day. If not for us School Of Provost (SOP) trainees which has a strength of 78 people, I think you will see very little people participating for the run. Run ended at around 9am. I can say I put in effort to run the 5km, jogged continuously for the 5km and sprinted when coming to the end point. And after the run due to some fucknuts who put in no effort, we got scolded by our CO and I think Monday we are going to get it.

Had breakfast with my mom at Maxwell market, saw David Gan, the famous hairdresser, he is short. lol

Met up with LiXiang for New Police Story at Plaza Singapore, then met up with Laily at Heeren. We like going on a CD buying spree. LiXiang bought 4 CDs, Laily bought 2 and I bought 1.

Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant Located at basement 2 of Ngee Ang City. Tried out the juices from Juice Bar located at basement 1 of Cineleisure. The tropical isle drink is nice.

Went to Suntec City with my family, got myself 1 Nike singlet and 1 Nike Sleeveless shirt for sports purposes. My mom got herself a Nike t-shirt and my brother got himself a Nike Shoes. Now he got much more shoes than me. I wanted to get a running shoe but the biggest size they got is 12 and that is a little bit to tight for me.

Got The Day After Tomorrow DVD from Carrefour at $34.90. The LOTR Trilogy Extended Version is coming on 14th December 2004 in the US, no idea when that will come to SG.

Anyway, the salads at NYDC is good.

Need to book in by 10.30pm. Sian.

Life In Provost
1st week at Provost, can say that it is quite slack here maybe as I said it is the first week only. There are only 78 people in the MP Basic course, which is quite little, last batch was around 100. We are under the coy SOP, there are 2 platoons which 3 sections in each platoon. There are 13 people in 1 section. 1 section will occupy 2 bunks even though the bunk can accommodate for 10 people, which means 6 for each bunk.

The bunk here is very small, 1/2 the size of BMTC’s one and the bunk is very stuffy because it is not well ventilated due to walls almost all around. The air in Singapore sucks, very still. The toilet here is very big, it is around 4 times bigger than BMTC’s one. There is door for the bathing cubical. As usual, 1 platoon will occupy 1 level. The building has 5 levels, level 3 to 5 is for accommodation, level 1 and 2 is for office and lecture rooms. So which means basically everything is in that building, no need to march to other places unlike BMTC.

We had our meal at Kranji Camp’s cookhouse, as Mowbray Camp has no cookhouse but there is a small canteen. I personally find the food is better than BMTC but the drinks here is very plain. They don’t serve ice cream here unlike in BMTC. This week we already had 4 canteens break and 1 nights off, as I said maybe it is only the first week.

70% of the course will be lectures and most of the time it is a 5 days week, which means we can book out on Friday most of the time. We will be booking in and out in civilian attire finally.

Reveille is normally at 5.30am and we need to fall in at 6am. There is always 5bx with run every morning, chin-up regime before lunch and dinner. We are allowed to bring handphones wherever we go but we must off it, but I guess most of us just put it to silence. No camera phones are allowed as usual. RO is normally at 10.30pm.

EVERY instructors here are very fit, and that fucked up instructor that came to BMTC to interview us, is also there. Really can’t stand his fucked up face and attitude.

Had my IPPT test on Friday, 31 of us failed, and because of that we will get much more PT than the last batch. The next IPPT test will be at the end of the course, I think it is on 30th November 2004.

We will be POPing on the 3rd December 2004.

Thats all I can remember for Provost.