Went to trim my hair at Everton Park, finally can have at least some shape. Drove my mom’s new car back home after MIA for 4 months.

Met up with Johnson, Jackey and LiXiang for dinner to commemorate Johnson’s first book out. Suppose to have more people, but end up got put aeroplane. Anyway he was out on Thursday because of Fever and the sick bay is overloaded, thus he can come back to Singapore. Had dinner at NYDC, first time there is Mushroom Monster available, ordered 2 portions of it. Saw Ray outside Mac Donald’s, so happened he is also in Pegasus Platoon 3 and that makes him my cousin platoon mate, really a small world.

Chilled out at Pacific Coffee, chated lots of stuffs especially ghost story in Tekong.

Went to Orchard for lunch, bought an Adidas black polo shirt, suppose to buy my brother new 200GB harddisk drive from PK Computer, but it is sold out. End up we went to Funan and bought it from there.

Came home and realised that the harddisk is 120GB only instead of 200GB, but they charge us the 200GB price. When we called the fellow up, they still argued that some operating system cannot support 200GB, it is very obvious that the harddisk they sold to us is 120GB due to the model number printed on the harddisk itself.

Now my mom and my brother went down to change it while I am blogging now. LOL

I am the driver for the day, must practice more after 4 months of missing in action. Then when become more pro, can fetch people around, if not someone will say I bias again.

Life In Provost
Did 2 lessons of CNR(Control N Restraint) this week, it was fun, it is so much more useful then BCCT(Basic Close Combat Training) and the lesson is either held in the air-con room or at the training shack instead of under the hot sun. Further more there is 6 officers (2LT) that are attending the lessons with us, thus the instructors cannot do much to us also.

Took the Hepatitis B blood test at Kranji MO, I thought it was going to be painful drawing blood, but end up it is the same as injection, and yes it is my first time drawing blood.

Learnt how to use handcuffs, Truncheon and Wicker Shield. Looking forward to the use of GPMG and P226.

Had a 3km run on Wednesday and a 5km run on Friday. For the 5km run we ran deep inside the old Kranji camp and wow it is huge.

On 30th October, 6th November and 20th November I will be booking out on Saturday, the rest of the weekends I will be booking out on Friday. I think 30th October I will get standby for Regimental Duties as the first 9 beds had already started doing duty this weekend. I think each one has to do at least 2 times because there are 6 more weekends and each weekend 18 people(9 from each platoon) will be on duty and there are only 78 of us in total. Sighz

47 Days to POP!