Slept till 1pm for the first time on a Saturday afternoon. Went to Funan after that to pre-order my Half-Life 2: CE ($129) while my brother pre-ordered the standard version ($69.90). Had a late lunch at Swensens, they have a new promotion menu and the mixed grill is nice.

Walked to Suntec City later to get my Samsung S500 phone serviced. During the week in camp, my fone’s display(internal and external) goes dead on me for 3 days. Have to wait 2 working days to get it repaired, kinda sucky because Nokia only takes 2 hours. Going to get a Nokia 3120 if that phones dies on my again.

Bought 2 Adidas t-shirt from Citylink’s Adidas Botique, just realised that Heeren’s Adidas Boutique carries very little variety compared to Citylink’s one.

Had dinner at Akashi Japanese Restaurant before going home.

Fetched LiXiang for Ladder 49 at GV grand, it was a 12.30am show, been such a long time since I watched a midnight show. The show lasted for 2 hours and it was touching, quite a sad ending. Didn’t know outside GV Grand there is a small outdoor cafe where you can watch soccer on a very big projected screen, we were there 1h30 minutes early and the soccer manage to kill our time.

Had supper at the Cheese Prata shop before sending her back, got home at around 5am.

Woke up at 9.30am, don’t feel tired at all because the happiness overruled my tiredness. Went to collect my $200 scholarship from the Gan’s Association, thanks to my mom who helped me to apply for it. Next year going to apply the scholarship from 3 associations again and I can get $600+$500+$200=$1.3k =D

Had lunch at Bugis’s Mos Burger, upgraded my M1 sim card because it is kinda old, now my sim card have 250 phonebook memory, 35 messages space and M1 explorer. Waited for 1 hour just because of that. The service is kinda slow.

Came home took a nap, my mom will be cooking Prawn’s Mee for dinner, going to book in at 10.30pm.

Life In Provost
Wonder am I considered luckily or unluckily, suay suay on Monday morning, I was chosen to be the MP Basic Course IC. Managing 2 platoons which have 75 people in total. It was a very stressful job because if they do not fall-in in time, thats it and if I ask them to fall-in early, they will also make alot of noise. Not an easy job.

But luckily Friday the Course IC position is handed to another person. Now when I booked-in, I got nothing to worry about because after taking the position of Course IC for 1 week, being platoon IC, section IC or bunk IC is too easy.

This week learnt about General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), next week going to have my GPMG technical handling test and my GPMG live firing.

Had 2 tests this week, one is vehicle spot-check test and the other is police duties test. The PD test is quite difficult, hope can pass even though they say it takes effort to fail.

Next week going to book out on Saturday afternoon before lunch, sighz.

40 Days to POP!

Today marks the start of our relationship, rest assured I will be a very good boyfriend to ya. =)