Went to pick up LiXiang, went to Marina Square for The Cellular. Luckily there was not much cars around the Suntec’s City circle, and I managed to negotiate the circle easily, nowadays negotiating circle is not in the driving test anymore. I swear I told the ticketing counter I want a 6.35pm show, but he gave me the slot at 4pm one, and I didn’t realise it till I went in at 6.35pm. I went to buy the tickets at 4.15pm, it is very unlikely that I will buy tickets for a 4pm show, sometimes need abit of common sense. This is the 2nd time that happened to me. Luckily the cinema was not crowded managed to get “free seatings” in the middle row.

The movie lasted around 90 minutes, the show was not bad, quite a unique plot and I think Nokia contributed alot of money to the movie for advertisement.

Had dinner at The Garlic Restaurant, the fried rice is good, but the meals there abit expensive considering the portion.

Went to Mount Faber after that, reached home at around 3am.

Had lunch with my parents at Suntec City, combed the whole Suntec City/Raffles City for birthday presents, it is settled. NS life kinda suck, our of 7 days only 2 days is free to do your own stuffs. But with my efficiency on doing things, it still boils down to whether I want to do it or not. LOL

Met up with Shaun, David and Desmond for lunch at Kenny Rogers. It is a last lunch with David, he is leaving Singapore for good after 7 years down here. Thanks David for the treat. He will be going back to Indonesia then will be going to Beijing, China sometime around February 2005 to study Chinese. Hope he will come back frequently to visit us.

Life In Provost
This week mostly played around with GPMG, had my GPMG live firing at temple hill, it was quite fun. Firing 84 7.62mm bullets 300m away and 50m down, but I think most of it missed the target because there is 12 details firing 84 bullets each and we went to see the target board, it has less than 100 holes on it.

This week pretty slack at Provost, I calculated that I will get Guard Duty on Deepavali which is a good thing because it is on a Thursday and that week we are booking out on Friday. So not much difference, hope my calculations are accurate.

Next 3 weeks is pretty xiong, alot of outfields, with 3 outfields next week. 1 for navigation, 1 for Fighting In Built Up Area (FIBUA) and 1 for section training. Will be handling the pistol P226 next week also.

33 days more to POP!

Today is the last day of the month!

Since this is a pretty short post, I would to introduce my new PHP script, entitled GaMerZ File Explorer. I think it is pretty self explanatory what it is.