Been real busy with life for the last 2 weeks, finally today I had time to update my blogs which had not been updated for the past 2 weeks. Today’s one going to be a VERY long post. Bare with it =D

6th November 2004 (Saturday)
Booked out at around 12.30pm. Went to fetch LiXiang to Marina Square, did some shopping at Suntec City. Bought a Nike Dri-Fit t-shirt, they are giving 15% discount if you are paying by UOB credit card.

We met up with the rest, Jackey, Laily and Johnson for Shark Tales at GV Marina. The show was not bad, but I still prefer Finding Nemo, nevertheless, it is worth the $8.50.

Had an early supper at Secret Recipe located outside Carrefour. The cake there is so-so only, can’t beat Blood Cafe’s cake, the food there also can’t beat Swensens’s food.

Sent Laily and Jackey home. After that went up to Jurong Hill with LiXiang with her leading the way and I taking note of the road signs more seriously. Did not get lost unlike last time. We also did not went up the hill last time because half way through, the road is not lighted up so I thought it is closed, but this time the road is all lighted up till the top. So I guess that time was a black out or something.

Gave LiXiang’s her birthday present there and we stayed till 1.15am.

After a few days then LiXiang told me that my brother wrote what I bought in his blog, luckily LiXiang read his blog after I gave her the present. How blur can my brother get? LOL

7th November 2004 (Sunday)
Booked in at 7.30am because I got regimental/guard duty for the day. Guard duty there is slack, we ordered 4 large Canadian Pizza for supper. There are 3 details, with 3 person in 1 detail. 1 detail will do duty for 2 hours then rest for 4 hours. The prowling takes only 15 minutes if you do it at a normal- fast pace, but you are given 40 minutes. For every round I prowl I always buy 1 can of Ice Lemon Tea. =D

Was tired not because of the lack of rest but because of the interrupted sleep, but luckily the next day there is guard rest, we slept 2 hours in bunk till lunch time.

10th November 2004 (Wednesday)
Booked out before dinner at around 7.30pm. Went home to get changed before fetching LiXiang from work. Had duck noodles as our late dinner at her place.

Watch a midnight show, Taxi, at GV Marina. The show is kinda short and not really as funny as it seems, because all the funny parts are in the trailer already. Went up to Mount Faber after that, too bad the highest part of Mount Faber is now under renovation, had to sit at the benches below it. Hope it will be ready soon.

11th November 2004 (Deepavali)
Wishing all Indians a Happy Deepavali. Slept till 12pm, went to fetch LiXiang to Orchard. Had our lunch at Rengaya Restaurant, located just beside Ngee Ann’s City Mos Burger. The food there is good. We ordered quite alot of food considering only two of us are eating. Unagi Bento, Curry Udon, Kimchi Soup, Tempura and Fried Tofu. We still managed to finished it. Thanks for the treat sweetie =D

Did some walking around Orchard before chilling out at a cafe located outside Wisma Atria, can’t really remember the name even though it is the 2nd time I visited there. I tried the drink something like ice blended chocolate gelato and LiXiang tried something like ice blended mango. The drink was good.

Sent LiXiang home before booking in at 9.30pm.

12th November 2004 (Yesterday)
Suppose to book out before dinner, but thanks to the rain which delayed our Section Training at Ulu Sembawang for 2 hours, end up have to eat dinner at Kranji Camp. By right no dinner was indented for us and there is no such thing as last minute of indentation of dinner. I have no idea how they did it but they manage to indent our dinner the last minute. So lan lan, suck thumb no choice have to eat dinner at Kranji Camp.

Booked out at around 8.45pm which is roughly 3 hours later than my 1st expected time, no choice since this is the cock up army. If there is no delay and wasting of time, it will not have been called the army.

Met up with LiXiang at Chu Chu Kang MRT to go to Laily’s house. On the way, we had some light snacks at Bukit Panjang Plaza, the Taiwan street snacks store located at Bukit Panjang Plaza’s Basement 1 is good

LiXiang and Laily will be going to Malaysia for a holiday, they will be coming back on the 20th November 2004 (Saturday). That is 9 days and 8 nights.

And today is LiXiang 20th birthday.

Happy 20th Birthday Sweetie =D. Wishing you all the best for your trip, do take care of yourself, miss ya =D

Life In Provost For Last Week
Had our P226 handling test and CNR test, of course I passed it (even though I cock up my CNR test) because it takes effort to fail SAF test.

Had FIBUA exercise. It was fun, I prefer it over “chiong sua”, furthermore we had a simulation where the Muslims (they are fasting) have taken control of a building and we are suppose to storm in and exterminate them.

Had our navigation exercise at Ulu Sembawang, luckily never “hor lan”, but 1/2 way through it was raining heavily and end up they cut the exercise. We managed to find 4 out of 7 check points before they stop. They went round the area in Land Rover to picked us up back to the Training Shed, something like a rescue mission.

Life In Provost
This is a pretty short week, had our P226 live firing at SAFTI, it was quite hard because of the recoil. I managed to just pass the test. The AR15/M16 was so much easier to aim, shoot and it has a greater stability because the butt of the weapon is pressed onto your shoulder whereas the P226 you have to hold the pistol and there is nothing to prevent your hand from shaking.

Had our section training at Ulu Sembawang, it was kinda boring because it is almost the same as what we did for the field camp. As usual, 1/2 way through it started to rain heavily and it delayed our exercise by 2 hours and as the chain reaction continues, our booked out timing was delayed by 3 hours. The only thing good is that the ice cream man came after our lunch and eating those ice cream in outfield is like eating Hagan Daz on a normal day. LOL

MP Spec II course just passed out this week, so we are the only trainees left in SOP.

20 more days to POP!

Off Topic
Eminem latest album entitled Encore is out. I would say it is so-so only because it is to popish not really his style, I still prefer his old albums.

Ministry Of Sound – The Annual 2005 is also out.

The much awaited Hong Kong Series, My Date With A Vampire III is finally out, managed to get till episode 20. If I am not wrong there are only 30 episodes.

Half-Life 2 will be out in Singapore on 17th November 2004 at 10am according to The Software Boutique. By right Value is having a simultaneous release worldwide which means according to that, it will be released in Singapore on 16th November 2004 at 4pm. But so what if it is released on the 16th or 17th I still can’t play till 20th because I will be in camp. But I will be asking my bro/mum to collect for me.

Anyway, Gamespot has put up a 25 pages article entitled “The Final Hours Of Half-Life 2“. It is worth the read.

It took me 90 minutes to think/type this blog post. LOL