13th November 2004 (Saturday)
Went to get my hair trim at Everton Park, cost me $12, damn expensive considering it is trimming and not cutting. If there is a next time I think I shall cut it at Kranji Camp and it only cost $4.

Reece Cosy Bay at Kallang area, at first I thought it is an area but now I know it is the name of a restaurant. Tried out the food there, it is so-so and it has very little variety, it has like 5 main course and less than 10 different types of finger food, that is all for the food. They have much more liquor variety. But the ambiance there is good, nevertheless I still prefer Esplanade.

Visited my grandfather at Toa Payoh, see him alone at home is quite poor thing. My uncle who is staying with him has gone for a holiday together with his family, thus left my granfather alone. Luckily my auntie is staying nearby and she helps to buy lunch/dinner for him.

Got a call from LiXiang, was quite surprise and of course very happy because I didn’t expect her to call me. At that time of the call, she was in KL, just completed day 1 of her shopping spree.

14th November 2004 (Hari Raya Puasa)
Suppose to meet my BMT army mates for lunch/gathering. End up last minute alot of people cannot make it, thus we cancel it.

Today is my family outing day, had a complementary 2 days 1 night stay at Orchard Hotel. Had lunch at Thanying Express at Ngee Ann City before checking in at 2pm.

Basically the whole day, we went on a shopping and eating spree from Orchard to Suntec. Bought 1 Nike dri-fit t-shirt, 1 Nike sphere-dri polo-shirt, 1 Nike dri-fit shorts and 1 N3BP Levi’s jeans. Most of it will act as my Chinese New Year clothes. Now I just need a running shoes and a digital dress watch.

LiXiang say after I pass out, we will go jogging every Sunday. Imagine after the jogging, we have breakfast at some cafe, while enjoying the breakfast we are reading newspaper under the morning sun. That is life, enjoying life.

At night went to the bar downstairs with my mom and brother for some drink and listen to the live music. I tried the bloody mary.

15th November 2004 (Today)
Had a buffet lunch at Orchard Hotel Cafe after checking out at 12pm. LiXiang will be leaving from KL at 2pm and proceeding on to Pangkor Beach. She will be staying at the beach resort till Friday. She is going to tan there for 5 days and when she come back she will definitely look like a charcoal. =p lolz.

Got to book in by 10.30pm later. Next week will be going to Tekong for 2 days 1 night (Thursday & Friday) and that will be the last outfield for the course. I will be booking out on Saturday morning.