Booked out at 12.30pm. Left my house at 3.30pm to fetch LiXiang for movie. Wanted to watch The Incredibles at 9pm+ but apparently, GV Plaza, Cathay Cineleisure and GV Marina tickets have been sold out for the 9pm+ slot. End up we book the 12.25am slot at GV Marina.

Went to Orchard to shop around and to see the Christmas decorations. Had dinner at Pasta Cafe opposite Ngee Ann City Mos Burger to celebrate our 1 month (on 24th November 2004 will mark it). The food there was good, price on par with Pasta Mania. The queue was like never ending.

The Incredibles is quite a long movie considering it is a cartoon, it lasted 2 hours and the movies was good. Personally I find it so much better than Shark Tales. The animation is excellent, I think they put alot of work on the water and the hair.

LiXiang has been dehydrating after the Malaysia trip, she has been drinking water and going to toilet for the whole day. lol

Slept till 2pm for the first time since I enlisted into the army, it was shiok. Went to LiXiang house to slack. Had lunch at her house coffeeshop, just love the duck noodles there.

Went to Westmall after that and saw Bernard and his girlfriend. He is now a Corporal, didn’t know commandos promote so fast. He said he will be getting his red Beret next year. Respect++

Had Ban Mian for dinner at the Kopitiam outside Westmall, it was good. This festive season, it seems that alot of people is changing handphone, the M1 shop there is crowded with people. So far no phone can match the features of my Nokia 7610, maybe O2 Xphone II can be on par.

Life In Provost
The 2 days 1 night stay in Tekong called Exercise Moonlight is very xiong, it is just 2 days and 1 night and it is much more xiong than my 7 days field camp in BMT. And no, we do not get to sleep, I only managed to rest for 2 hours before starting the 2nd mission. There are 3 missions we need to complete within the 2 days.

Saturday, settled all the stores. The Staff Sergent is very satisfied with the job that he conduct a very brief standby bunk and we get to book in at 11pm. This is my 2nd last book out, with next week being the last book out.

The bad news is that I may get Guard Duty next Sunday because the cycle came back to me. Sighz

12 more days to POP!

In Advance, Happy 1 Month To Us! =D