Yes finally I updated my blogs after don’t know how many donkey weeks. Been either too busy or too lazy to update it.

27th November 2004 (Saturday)
Had SAFPU family day at Jurong Swimming Complex in the morning. It is a total waste of my time, since it is organise by army, how much freedom can you get.

Went to Sitex 2004 with LiXiang, didn’t really have the time to walk around because we are kinda rushing for time to meet the rest of the click. This year was kinda big, it occupies 2 halls. She bought a Samsung 17′ inch LCD monitor 710N for $509, it was quite a good buy, if you choose the ivory color, it is only $499. I on the other hand got myself (finally) a TDK DVD writer for $129 and 25 DVDRs. Till now it is still on my desk waiting to be installed, just too busy to install it.

Had her birthday celebration at The Rice Table located at Suntec City, the dinner was so much better than the lunch because there are much more variety.

When I was going home, get a call from my friend say he was going to report sick and as I am the reserve for guard duty on Sunday, lan lan suck thumb have to report back to camp at 7.30am. Till now I have no idea whether he is faking it or not because he did went to swim at Jurong Swimming Complex in the morning and he seems to be enjoying himself. Of course I am very pissed off about it, further more when it is his turn to do guard duty on 4th December 2004, he took another MC, really pity the section 1 people. They have to do 3 times guard duty while the rest only do 2 times and some even 1 time.

3rd December 2004 (Friday)
Had my passing out parade, but unfortunately I did not attend it because I injured my left knee that I can’t even squad or bang my foot, got 7 days excuse lower limbs from the MO.

As usual, even though it is the last booking out, they delayed us till 7pm then let us book out when the time stated on the timetable is 5pm.

4th December 2004 (Saturday)
Met up with LiXiang to watch Bridget Jones Diary 2 at GV Marina. The new foodcourt at Marina Square is now open, kinda like the view from there, if you are sitting in the open air, you can see the sea which is facing Esplanade.

Got myself a Nike dri-fit polo-shirt, while LiXiang got a Nike singlet for running. Went to Carrefour to shop for Tiramisu’s ingredients because she want to make Tiramisu cake.

5th December 2004 (Sunday)
Went out with my parents to Bugis Junction. Bugis Junction has really changed alot since the last time I was there. Had breakfast at Swenens, they finally have a breakfast set. It is kinda cheap. $7.90 for 2 pancakes of your choice, 2 sausages, 2 bacons, fried/scrambled eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, coffee/tea and a cup of orange juice. Although it is not really filling for me.

Bought a Nike running shoe at World Of Sports inside Seiyu, shall be running quite often I hope.

Went to LiXiang house to pick up the cake. Thanks sweetie for the cake =D. Headed towards Orchard Road in the hope to see the Change Of Guards(COG), but got faked by the bloody APC Sergent. He told me that 6pm they will start marching from Heeren, but at 5.45pm they are already at Istana and it has ended. We bought a book, entitled ‘Web Index 5’ from Kinokuniya. We shall be aiming to get a book every month related to web/graphics design.

And oh ya, sweetie, I didn’t mean to cheat you to eat the pork’s sausage =D

The Past Few Days
Been posted to Gombak Base. What we do there is to provide security to Mindef HQ, nicer word is called ‘Protection Of Installation (POI)’, in layman terms it just means guard duty. So for the rest of my 1 year and 8 months, I shall be doing guard duty based on 4 shifts (mounting, dismounting, training & mounting Day). Mounting is 24 hours, dismounting is off, training is 7am to 6pm, mounting day is 8am to 5pm.

My duties will start after Christmas, from now till then I am called on job trainee (OJT) and it is 8am to 5pm till my duties start. And the food there SUCKS, just as I thought Kranji Camp food was bad enough.

Okie thats basically all I can disclose.

MP Creed
I am a Military Policeman in the Singapore Armed Forces,
I serve my country with Pride, Discipline and Honour,
With Pride, I will always discharge my duties firmly, fairly, honestly and without fear or favour
With Discipline, I will always strive for the highest standards of soldiering
With Honour, I will always accomplish my missions, courageously, loyally and decisively.

I am now officially a Military Policeman and I have 604 days more to ORD. And oh ya, exactly 6 months ago I was enlisited into NS. 9th June 2004, never forget.