Guess it is abit too late for Christmas, but nevertheless, Merry Christmas 2004 everyone. 6 more days to 2005 and 14 more days to take down my ‘p’ plate.

Christmas Eve
Booked out at 12pm that day, luckily my section is dismounting on that day, if not I have to stay back till 2pm, but the bad news is that I am mounting on New Year’s Eve and the first day of Chinese New Year. Sighz, can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve with LiXiang =(

Went to collect flowers for LiXiang, then drop by her office to give it to her, she was very surprise and can see her face turn red =D. She also ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mom and my mom was very surprise also. This is by far the best Christmas Eve I celebrated and I think it is the first time I celebrated it with my family after so many years.

We had steamboat at my house and exchanged our presents in the night. Thanks sweetie for the lovely Precious Moments Crystal Ball and the perfume.

We slept till 12.30pm then I sent her home before proceeding to watch Kung Fu Hustle at GV Grand at 5pm, to my surprise my parents and my brother also watching it at the same slot.

The show is around 100 minutes and it is kinda lame in a funny way, among all the Chinese movies, this movie has the best visual effects, is like Chinese movie with Hollywood effects.

Met up with Jackey, Laily and Suqin at Bukit Panjang for our Christmas Dinner. Serene and Geargina suppose to come but they couldn’t make it the last minute. After the dinner, we went West Coast Park, it was my first time there, quite alot of stuffs to play with especially those huge playgrounds, but the sea view was not really good as compared to East Coast Park.

Suppose to meet up with my Secondary school friends but it was kinda late and I was sleepy that I slept for 20 minutes at her house before coming home.

Watched Ocean’s 12 last week, the show was so-so only, I find Ocean’s 11 much better.

Watched National Treasure 2 weeks ago and the show was good.

Off Topic
Been getting lazier and lazier, I will try to update the blog as frequent as I can.

Pixel-Junkies server is down, I also do not know why is this happening, but I have moved all the photos in the gallery to this server. This site uses 300mb of webspace and around 2gb of bandwidth monthly.