Caught Madagascar at GV Grand on Saturday afternoon. Was quite an unlucky day for a movie because the GV ticketing system was down and they can’t check what seat we are located. They ask us to use the AXS station to print the tickets, but LiXiang is using UOB Mini Debit Card and the card is too small to fit into the card reader of the AXS station. Luckily LiXiang is smart and she remembered the seats number which normally I can’t be bother to remember at all if I am the one booking the tickets. We wrote our details down on a piece of paper and we went in. It was chaos on that day, the whole place is so crowded.

Madagascar was not bad, but it was pretty short. I still prefer Robots though. I like the part best when the head of the squirrel (I think) was dancing to the song “I like to move it move it”.

Took off yesterday because I need to clear it and wanted to go down to the Singapore Food Expo 2005. I still remember last year I was working with Jean and LiLian for 6 days, and I was feeling sian because 2 weeks later I will be enlisted for NS. Now a year has past. I am looking forward to next year’s one because it means I am going to ORD. Business was better this year. The earnings for 5 days this year surpass the earnings for 6 days last year.

PC Show 2005 will be starting on Thursday and it is my dismounting day. Shall go there as early as possible to get my notebook and my external HDD.