Final Destination 3

Caught Final Destination 3 yesterday at GV Grand. It was a quite a good show, but it is not linked with the first 2 parts. The way those people die, is still as gross as the first 2 parts or maybe even more gross. LiXiang got the effect of that and have problems sleeping yesterday. Poor girl.

Kinda hook on to Thai Express after LiXiang introduce it. At the beginning, I thought the food there kinda suck, but after trying it, I was wrong. The food there is good and it is very value for money. I even applied for their Orange Card and it entitles me for 20% discount if I visit Thai Express every week and 10% if my last visit is more than 7 days. On top of that, it gives me a $10 voucher and a $15 birthday voucher. The card cost me $15 (if I am not wrong).

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Summary Of Budget Report 2006

Cash for all adult Singaporeans
» $800 if you earn $24,000 or less a year and live in a four-room or smaller HDB flat
» $600 if you earn more than $24,000 and live in a four-room or smaller HDB flat; or if you earn $24,000 or less and live in a five-room or larger HDB flat
» $400 if you earn more than $24,000 and live in a five-room or larger HDB flat
» $200 if you live in a landed home or if the annual value of your home is more than $10,000
Total: $1.4 billion, When: May 1, 2006

Workfare bonus for low-income workers aged 40 or older
» 3 months’ pay if you earn $400 or less a month
» $1,200 if you earn $401 to $900 monthly
» $800 if you earn $901 to $1,200 monthly
» $400 if you earn $1,201 to $1,500 monthly
Total: $400 million, When: May 1, 2006 and May 1, 2007

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Valentine’s Day

Belated Valentine’s Day wishes to all. Heez~

I have been too tired to write the card the nite before, so i practically drafted everything in the office. And sorry my dear, by accident i found out that you are sending me flowers to the office. Erm… No more surprises liao. Instead, my neck stretches till very very long becoz my flowers haven€„¢t arrive till like 4.30pm. Still gana suan by my boss “The florist must be very busy”. Duh~ (-.-‘”)

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ATI Radeon X800 Pro

On Friday, went to my cousin’s birthday dinnet at Marina Square’s Yuki Yaki. The food there is so much better compared to what I eat 3 years ago. At least now the food is self-service and the DIY ice-cream is free flow. Last time, they used to serve you plate-by-plate even though it is buffet. And the ice cream cost like $2+ per cup. Time have changed. LOL

On Saturday, went to mom€„¢s friend house for our last Lunar New Year Visiting. In the evening, met up with Suqin, Laily, Serene, Kee Yong, Jackie aka Wayne for dinner. Ate Fish and Co. As LiXiang and Serene was tired, Suqin got something on, we disbanded quite early.

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Have been rushing for my NTU admission portfolio the last few days. Too much to “put up a good show”. I was rushing to Paradiz Centre to get my portfolio wire-binded on Thursday. Go to the ATM to withdraw cash, took the card but forget the money. Only when i reached Paradiz Center by cab, i discover my cash are gone. I still own the taxi driver money. Stewpig~ Next time don’t talk on the phone when you are withdrawing money. Arghh…

Thanks to Pei Jun, Lester’s secondary school classmate, we manage to navigate through the buildings to the admission office. And i would say, you can’t reach the blocks by the buses in the school. You still have to walk. And it is complicated. Hahahaha~

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Lucky Draw

Yesterday went to an OCBC dinner together with my mom at Grand Shanghai. The food for that day is kind of lousy but the activities organize for us is quite cool, there is cartoon sketch, Chinese fan painting and photo taking with a trishaw. My mom did a Chinese fan painting and both of us was queuing for the cartoon sketch while they have the lucky draw session. To my amaze, when they call out 8833, I couldn’t believe my ears, my mom’s lucky draw coupon has won the 1st prize. It is all the Chinese zodiac characters gold plated together with a Martell Cordon Bleu.

Personally I don’t believe in lucky draw till yesterday.

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Fearless And I Not Stupid Too

Caught this action flick on the 2nd day of Lunar New Year. I must say that this is indeed the best Jet Li movie after so many years. I still think he is more suitable for those “Wu Xia” movie rather than those modern day type of fighting movie. It is also touching towards the end of the movie. This movie is based on a true story.

I Not Stupid Too
Jack Neo’s latest movie. Although most of his movies are quite average, but this movie is a must watched because this movie portray a very real life situation between kids these days and their parents, how they communicate and how their parents interpret them. It is funny but at the same time very very touching. Saw some of the guys with watery eyes after watching the movie.

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