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Ikea 2015 Catalogue

Thanks to Ikea Singapore for sending me the awesomely designed limited edition XXL Ikea 2015 Catalogue.

When I first received it, I thought it was a MacBook since the design of the box is almost the same. Even when you unbox the catalogue, you can’t help but think of the similarity between this and the MacBook. I don’t think copy is a right word to use here, I would instead say Ikea spoof the packaging of a MacBook.

Ikea 2015 Catalogue - Box Front
Ikea 2015 Catalogue – Box Front

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My Very Own Poster With My Nickname

I would like to thank WOM World for sending me my very own first poster which contains my nickname “gamerz”. They have sent it all the way from UK by DHL.

This shall be my very first poster that I am going to frame and hang it in my room.

My Very Own Poster (Click on the image to enlarge it)

THANK YOU to the whole team behind WOM World.

*UPDATE* I bought a poster frame (Width: 50cm x Height:70cm) from Ikea for S$19 frame it up and hanged it in my room just above my television.

Poster Framed And Hanged
Poster Framed And Hanged

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iPod Touch 16GB + New Ikea Table

New Ikea Table
My old Sitoca table has lasted me for more than 5 years and it is still in excellent condition. I am going to pass it to Li Xiang as her house computer table is showing signs of collapsing inwards.

Went to Ikea and bought a new computer table consisting of a table top, Vika Grevsta (White), for S$125 and 4 table legs, Vika Curry (White) for S$20 (S$5 each). The total bill is S$145.10 because I paid extra $0.10 for a plastic bag as there are only 2 of us and we have problem carrying all the parts without the bag.

New Ikea Computer Table - Top View
New Ikea Computer Table – Top View

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Room Makeover

My parents bought for my brother and I each a King Coil queen size bed. Our previous bed lasted us for 10 years and the bed frame lasted us for 16 years. The queen size bed cost about $500+ each and it came last Wednesday.

As the bed is pretty big and in order not to make my room looks cramp, I did a major rearrangement to all the furnitures in my room (CD rack, bookshelves, study table, computer table and television stand). I got rid of my old Ikea television stand and bought a new stand from Ikea for $19. I just love Ikea furnitures, it is cheap, good and nice looking. Who cares whether or not it is lasting because you will not use it for that long either. My mom also got 2 executive chairs for us to replace our old chair which lasted for more than 5 years.

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CD Rack

Bought the CD Rack I wanted at Ikea today, well the rack is 160cm(L)x111cm(W), almost as tall as me, thanks to my uncle’s MPV, I am able to transport it home, normal car I don’t think it will be possible to fit into it. The rack cost $198, not a bad buy, now my computer table is very neat, all my cds and other stuffs are placed in the rack, it is that big.

Well took my first driving theory lessons earlier on, lasted 100 minutes, the teacher is very humourous. After the lesson, I can conclude that the driving theory is not that easy as I thought, but nevertheless, I need to pass it no matter what.

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Went to Ikea in the afternoon for lunch with my family, because my uncle wants to shop for furnitures there for his new house, saw 1 CD rack that can hold 880 CDs, took down the measurements and came back home and measure to see whether it fits, but who knows? It fits nicely, will be getting that next week, cost about $198, my mom also bought a movable coffee table to replace the old and bulky one.

Went to Old Kallang Airport the market for my dinner, because Yummy King said that the wan ton mee there is very nice, queued for 30 minutes, tried it, and it doesn’t taste that special. I still prefer the one at Lavender Food Center.

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