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Nokia: Go Play Day 2

The second and last day for the Nokia: Go Play was held in The Oriental Singapore, ballroom 1.

As usual there was an introductory speech followed by 2 panel discussions:

Panel Discussion on the Nokia NGage Platform

Summary of topics discuss during the above panel includes:

Panel Discussion on Nokia Music Services

Summary of topics discuss during the above panel includes:

I also realized that people who asked questions in the first panel discussion will always ask it in the second panel discussion.

Lunch was next at the MELT [1] and the spread and quality of the food is simply fantastic. I think by just trying a piece from every dish, you will get full. I was eating alone at first till I saw Blair which so happens to be Nic [2] soon-to-be wife. I saw her the day before at the dinner and I find her very familiar, then after checking Nic’s Facebook, I am 80% sure it is the same girl and I confirmed it during the lunch. LOL

After lunch, I proceeded on the Press Room where they have the phones for me to play with and I managed to snap a few lousy quality pictures (photography is just not my cup of tea) and 2 videos showing the new multimedia/music menu. I did not manage to play with the N95 8GB because the battery is FLAT and I can’t find any charger in the room =(

Stayed there for quite a while before proceeding on to Comex 2007 to meet up with my mom.

Here are 4 sample shots and 2 videos that I have taken/recorded:

Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB Live Shot

My Own Nokia N95 8GB Live Shots [3]

Nokia N81

Nokia N81 Live Shot

Download (759.6KB) [4] | My Own Nokia N81 Live Shots [5]

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Live Shot

My Own Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Live Shots [6]

Download (775.7KB) [7]

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Live Shot

My Own Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Live Shots [8]

Met up with a couple of people like Blair, Aaron, Gabrielle and Sue Lynn from Text 100 [9]. Joseph from MediaCorp Press [10]. Julian from Asia One [11] . Lai Chow from Youth.sg [12] and of course people from Nokia [13] Like Dinesh, Julia and some other Nokia staffs which I can’t remember the names. Cheer to you guys and girls! I want to apologize to those whom I had met but not in the list as I am really bad in remembering names and that is the reason why I rely on name cards. Sorry about that.

Check out all the pictures I have taken from the 2 day Nokia: Go Play Singapore [14] event.