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iPod New Lineup

Apple has announced a new branch of iPod, called iPod Touch. Updated iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and the iPod 5th generation is now called iPod Classic.

iPod Touch
Imagine iPhone without the calling function and it is only 8mm thick and you will have the iPod Touch. It come pack with either a 8GB or a 16GB flash drive. The rest of the functions are pretty much the same as iPhone not forgetting it has Wifi too.

8GB will cost you S$498 and 16GB will cost you S$698.

iPod Touch [1]
iPod Touch Specification [2]

iPod Classic
Touted as the 6th generation iPod, it now comes in 80GB or 160GB, sports an enhanced UI which supports cover flow and it comes enclosed in a new metal shell with silver or black color.

80GB will cost you S$428 and 160GB will cost you S$598.

iPod Classic [3]
iPod Classic Specification [4]

iPod Nano
The 3rd generation iPod Nano just got fatter because it now has the ability to playback video and has a screen resolution of 320px by 240px. It comes with pack with either a 4GB or 8GB flash drive. Apple has ditched the 2GB edition. Only silver color is available for the 4GB edition while the 8GB edition has all the colors. And it also feature an enhanced UI which includes cover flow.

4GB will cost you S$248 and 8GB will cost you S$348.

iPod Nano [5]
iPod Nano Specification [6]

iPod Shuffle
Now comes in 4 new colors. The much pretty much stay the same.

1GB will cost you S$148.

iPod Shuffle [7]
iPod Shuffle Specification [8]