Nokia Prism Collection

The new Nokia Prism collection: progressive design cut with personalized style
Espoo, Finland – Nokia tunes into the cultural zeitgeist with its modernist collection of fashion-alert mobile phones. The Nokia 7900 Prism and Nokia 7500 Prism with their sophisticatedly glamorous high gloss black faades reflect an independent attitude, which looks firmly to the future. Provocatively
alluring to both sexes, the Nokia Prism range also leaps past conventional design in its ode-toarchitecture sharp angled lines and graphic light-refracting color.

Standing out as opposed to slotting into the mobile phone milieu, the Prism collection artfully plays with juxtaposition: matt meets shine; light plays of dark; color and cool steel spliced black, and sharp lines
finish in softly bevelled edges.

Nokia 7900 Prism

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Top 10 Most Common Passwords

We all use passwords every day; they have become very common today. Checking out mail, transferring money, shopping online, all those actions involve introducing a password. So if you use a password it is supposed to be a long difficult one in order not to get your account stolen. We are always told of stories about breaking easy passwords and stealing money.

Very many people have read and heard these stories, but let us see what happened to the passwords that people use.

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CS3214 Workshop

CS3214 Workshop
Been so busy for me for the past few weeks, need to enjoy my last bit of holiday before my school starts. Anyway, my school has not yet officially started, it will start on 16th August 2007. But currently I am attending CS3214 Workshop and it happens everyday from 1st August 2007 to the day my school starts from 10am right up to 5pm. Unofficially, my school has started for me.

CS3214 is like a Final Year Project (FYP) in polytechnic by it is just a module on its own and it is worth 8 module credits and I think it is much more tougher than FYP. And the “best part” is that we have to code in Java. I have no idea why schools in Singapore is so pro Java, seriously Java sucks, it is so fucking resource consuming. And in order to code it, I need a computer with at least 1GB of RAM if not I will take like forever to compile the final codes. And the laptop I bought last year just barely meet the requirements.

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