School Started
This week is the first week of my new semester. I am currently in year 2, semester 2. If everything goes well, I will be graduating in year 4, semester 1, which is around end of 2009.

Here are the modules I taking for this semester:

CS2106 – Operating Systems (4 MCs) [1 PT]
CS2301 – Business And Technical Communication (4 MCs) [1 PT]
CS3216 – Software Development on Evolving Platforms (4 MCs) [N/A]
CS3254 – Introduction To Computer Networks (4 MCs) [778 PTS]
MA1312 – Calculus with Applications (4 MCs) [1 PT]

Module Code – Module Name (Module Credits) [Points Bidded]

Mom’s Cousin’s Daughter Wedding
My last week before school starts was pretty busy for me as my mom’s cousin (from China) came down to Singapore because his daughter is getting married to a Singaporean. They are not those usual PRCs/FTs who come to Singapore and snatch our job because they are like 921380123 times richer than my family and secondly they speak hokkien as their main language instead of mandarin. You might be wondering how rich are they? They brought in S$50,000 in cash and got stop by air port custom, own several casinos in Asia and own a resort and a helicopter in Philippines. The daughter wedding dinner was held at Fullerton Hotel, if I am not wrong it is about S$2,000 per table (total of 30 tables). But the food at Fullerton Hotel was just average and all the food served are cold.

My Family, Photo Taken Before The Dinner<br />(From Left To Right: Me, Li Xiang, Dad, Mom, Hui Mi and Leroy)” /><figcaption>My Family, Photo Taken Before The Dinner<br />(From Left To Right: Me, Li Xiang, Dad, Mom, Hui Mi and Leroy)</figcaption></figure>
<p><b>Nokia N82</b><br />
My mom and brother finally changed their handphones. My mom changed from Nokia 7610 to a Nokia N82 from Singtel for S$588 and my brother changed from Sony Ericsson W800i also to Nokia N82 from M1 for S$598. As for me, I am still waiting for my Nokia N82, hopefully I can get it before Chinese New Year (*hint* Dinesh *hint*).</p>
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