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Nokia @ The Straits

I had an informal gathering with Nokia, Text100, and several bloggers at The Straits which is located at 31 Pekin Street, Far East Square. At first, when I heard of The Straits, it was referring to the The Straits Kitchen located at Hyatt Hotel. Luckily the full address is given, if not I will be going to the wrong place. The last informal Nokia event was held on the 13th June 2008. How time flies, 2 months just passed like that.

We get to play with the Nokia N79, N85 as well as the long due N96. I would like to say that my views are PURELY based on the prototypes as N79 and N85 will not be launching that soon. For the N96, it is quite closed to the final as it will shipping next month (September 2008) and the RRP for it is S$1258.

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Year 2, Semester 2 Modules

School Started
This week is the first week of my new semester. I am currently in year 2, semester 2. If everything goes well, I will be graduating in year 4, semester 1, which is around end of 2009.

Here are the modules I taking for this semester:

My Family, Photo Taken Before The Dinner
(From Left To Right: Me, Li Xiang, Dad, Mom, Hui Mi and Leroy)

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