As you are might know by now that WordPress 2.5 has been released. Many people have upgrade issues, plugins issues, theme issues, permission issues and what not.

If you are having problem with any of my plugins with WordPress 2.5, check out this 3 links below:

I just want to add that ALL my plugins – except WP-Wap (not tested) should be working with WordPress 2.5. My WordPress Blog is one good live example of it.

If it does not work for you:

  • You may have done something wrongly
  • Conflicting with other themes and plugins
  • Configuration problem with your server, PHP or MYSQL
  • Permission problem with your server

To isolate these problems, I would always advise my users to install a FRESH copy of WordPress in another folder and then test the plugins on it.

Please post all support questions in the Support Forums. Thanks.