My Plugins Compatibility With WordPress 2.5

Below is a list of my plugins in development that WILL work with WordPress 2.5. The reason why I consolidated it here is because the current version of the listed plugins does not work properly with WordPress 2.5.

For the remaining plugins, see also Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins June 2008 Update (Wave 1).

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113 thoughts on “My Plugins Compatibility With WordPress 2.5”

  1. I use wp-poll 3.0 beta with wp 2.5.1.

    I have a trouble with this plugin since I always see the same poll (the one indicated in the widget, i.e.: the last, one in particular …). Same problem that Marcingz.

    I was checking the problem and it comes from the poll id. It allways is $id=0.

    I change the code of wp-polls.php (in a not elegant way) in order to force the proper number to the $id. In the function poll_shortcode I wrote the following lines:

    function poll_shortcode($atts) {
    extract(shortcode_atts(array(‘id’ => 0, ‘type’ => ‘vote’), $atts));
    // PATCH from cjescudero

    I hope this help you.

  2. Download the latest version of WP-Polls, it should be fixed. Make sure that you are not using the Visual Editor Mode when inserting the code.

  3. Hey there, glad to see WP-Polls updated.
    I have a problem though, hopefully you can help.

    as you can see here (if you take the poll) there is a problem with the width, bars goes off the page

    this happened to my comments box after the upgrade to WP 2.5, and I found a place where I could just type 500 instead of 100%, but in this plugin, it has math and such that confuses me.

    can you take a look and see if you have a suggestion of a line to change that will set the maximum width to something like 400 pixels wide?


  4. Lester,

    first, thanks for developing these awesome plugins.

    I am using both wp-postratings (1.2 on 2.3.3) and wp-polls. I was actually going to email you directly about possibly porting your postratings plugin into a comment-ratings one as well. Should be pretty quick, no? I started to try this myself by simply doing an automatic find/replace of every occurrence of ‘post’ to ‘comment’, and ‘ratings’ to ‘ratings2’, which gets you a good part of the way there. Realizing that there likely needs to be a separate new database table created, something like ‘comment-meta’, I figured I might as well see if you could port it.

    What do you think?

    My goal is to use the comment ratings to have spammy comments buried by the readers, and have the DoFollow links that I want to use as a reward (including for the top comment for each post on the blog index page) be calculated from the comment ratings, similar to “top post” etc.

    Click on my blog link above to see my current placeholder for this, and look at this sample post on WordPress security to see further explanations in the comments section.

    Best – Alex

  5. I’m having trouble getting the email plugin to work. It keeps redirecting to the same page I try to print, without any email options. I’ve tried it as both a page and a pop-up.

    I did regenerate the permalinks.

  6. I’m upgrading my site to WP 2.5.1 from 1.5 and have depended on Adhesive. So I appreciate sticky. just installed 1.30, but “Sticky” does not work. “Announcement” does work, but not “Sticky”. I’m using php5 on my site.

    I’m guess I’m ok, since I only really need the one sticky post, but I figured you’d want to know that I’m having problems with Sticky 1.3 on WP 2.5.1.

    Thanks again for maintaining it.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for WP-polls, first.

    I’ve recently updated it from 2.11 to 2.30 (I’m using WP 2.5.1).
    First problem: how to align them to the right? (which file to edit?)
    Second: Users are no longer able to view the archive. I do not have the default folder name (/pollsarchive/ ) on my site, and I’ve been unable to find where the older polls are stashed.
    I can, however, see them all on the admin page.
    Any advice?

  8. I am sorry but while I hoped your plugins would satisfy my needs they just appear to be poorly coded.

    I am on the latest version of WordPress with your latest plugins for ratings as well as the pooling but they just spin forever.

    You dont even check for pathing errors.

    Do I need to look elsehwere or can we expect your coding to be complete in nature. The potential you have is there just not the execution.

  9. Thanks for your criticism, I really appreciate it. If you think you can do better than me, feel free to go and code one yourself.

    WP-Polls/PostRatings get the settings from your WP-Admin options. You are accessing the site with www and your option is without www of course your browser block the AJAX as it is different url (technically) for security issue. Your should mind your pissing attitude nevertheless.

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