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lesterchan.net on iPhone

Spend more than 10 hours to modify lesterchan.net [1] layout to make it iPhone/iPod Touch viewable. At the moment, you can only view blog post and not pages. I have no plans to make the pages iPhone/iPod Touch viewable yet as it is a lot of work and I don’t find it necessary.

Just point your iPhone or iPod Touch to lesterchan.net [1] and it will detect your user agent and serve you the iPhone/iPod Touch layout if you are using either of the devices.

Here are 2 essential resources to get you stared, Apple: Safari Web Content Guide for iPhone [2] and Ajaxian: iPhone Web Development Tips and Official Documentation Released [3].

lesterchan.net on iPhone (Portrait – Width: 320px)

lesterchan.net on iPhone (Landscape – Width: 480px)

While on the topic of site updates, here is the changelog since 4th July 2008 [4]: