Went to Sitex 2008 yesterday with Julian, Kelvin and Weiquan. Surprising it was not very crowded. Now I am starting to dislike exhibitions at Sitex because it is so far! This year Sitex is quite a disappointment, Ban Leong did not take part and hence no Razer products. After walking Hall 5 and 6 of Singapore Expo, it makes me feel that this exhibition is selling TV instead of computer! The prices for some of the stuffs are not that cheap at all. I got my D-Link DNS-323 at S$199 from Comex 2008 back in August 2008 but now they are selling at S$209? Prices should drop and not increase!

I think the most value for money are the memory cards, thumbdrives and portable hardisk. Kelvin and I got the SanDisk Ultra II (Class 4) 8GB SDHC for just S$33. Julian got the SanDisk Cruzer Micro Skin 4GB Thumbdrive for just S$12! I bought the exact same thumbdrive for S$19.90 at Giant Hypermarket a few months back!

I also got my brother a TravelPac Memory/SIM Card Reader for S$26.90.

I did not get for Li Xiang the Samsung 2233SW 22” widescreen LCD monitor because the images look squashed on the monitor perhaps due to the long width and short height and a weird resolution of 1920×1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9 whereas widescreen monitors all have an aspect ratio of 16:10.

After Sitex 2008, we proceed on to Bugis to have lunch and then went to Sim Lim Square! Julian bought Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir for S$39.90, Weiquan bought the X-Mini Capsule Speakers for S$35 and Kelvin bought a memory card reader for S$12.

Judging from what we buy at Sim Lim Square, there is nothing much to buy at Sitex 2008 actually.

I am aiming for the D-Link DIR-655 wireless N router to upgrade my home network “infrastructure”, it is selling at S$139 during the special promotion but it is limited to the first 30 customers at 6.30pm yesterday. The usual price is S$229. Hopefully the next IT exhibition (IT Show 2009) on the 12th March 2009 will have better promotions for it.

Schedules for 2009 IT exhibitions:

  • IT Show 2009: 12th March 2009 to 15th March 2009 (Suntec City)
  • The PC Show 2009: 11th June 2009 to 14th June 2009 (Suntec City)
  • Comex 2009: 10th September 2009 to 13th September 2009 (Suntec City)
  • Sitex 2009: 26th November 2009 to 29th November 2009 (Singapore Expo)