Some minor updates to and hence I bump the site version to 3.30:

  • Combined these 5 JavaScript files together:
    • Simple AJAX Code-Kit (TW-Sack)
    • ThickBox
    • Docking Boxes (DBX)
    • Docking Boxes Key File
    •’s JavaScript File
  • Minified CSS and JavaScript files using YUI Compressor
  • Moved Google Analytics JavaScript code to the footer
  • Added “My Wish List” (shopping cart icon) to the Welcome Area
  • Changed “Posted By” to “Posted by”
  • Added a new poll entitled “How Often You Visit”

The remaining optimization involved upgrading my plugins used on this site as well to WordPress 2.8 nightly which is not recommended for a production site and hence I will only further optimize this site’s JavaScript when WordPress 2.8 comes out in March/April.