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Canon First Blogger Event

I am a Canon [1] fan so does my family and Li Xiang. I prefer Canon for digital cameras over any other brands. I was invited to the first Canon’s blogger event at Screening Room [2] which they unveil a full range of updated IXUS and PowerShot series digital cameras as well as a new series of Camcorders called Legria. In additional, there is also a new model to the EOS series, the Canon EOS 500D. Currently I am using the Canon IXUS 860IS which is kinda outdated, thinking of getting the Canon EOS 50D soon.

Wong Li Lin [3] is there at the event as well as she is the official ambassador for Canon.

Canon IXUS Series
Canon added 4 models to the IXUS Series, namely IXUS 100IS, IXUS 990IS and IXUS 95IS. If you are wondering what IS stands for, it stands for Image Stabilizer. The IXUS 100IS is kinda like their flagship product for IXUS Series, it is the slimmest IXUS ever. Canon IXUS series is mostly made in Japan.

Canon PowerShot Series
Canon also added 4 new models to the PowerShot Series, they are the PowerShot SX200IS, PowerShot A1100IS, PowerShot A2100IS and PowerShot A480. Canon PowerShot series is mostly made in Malaysia or China.

Canon EOS 500D
Canon EOS 500D is the latest addition to the Canon EOS series, perhaps you can consider it a successor of the EOS 450D. This updates brings up this entry level DSLR to the number “5” as seen from its elder brother, the EOS 50D and EOS 5D. The EOS 500D which will be release sometime in early May 2009.

Canon Legria Series
Inspired by the Spanish word Allegria (or ‘joy’), the LEGRIA range (pronounced “ler-greeyer”) aims to bring delight and happiness to users by making video recording simple and fun. Derived from the concept that ‘great movies begin with great images’; LEGRIA camcorders draw on Canon’s heritage in optics and imaging.

The Legria is Canon new digital flash memory camcorders series and there are 7 models to this series at launch, they are the Legria HF S10, Legria HF S100, Legria HF20, Legria HF200, Legria FS22, Legria FS21 and Legria FS200. They are available in either standard and high definition configurations. Canon IXUS 100ISThe slimmest IXUS ever

The IXUS 100IS will cost S$469 and will be available from this month onwards.

Canon IXUS 110ISWide-angled flexibility

The IXUS 110IS will cost S$549 and will be available from this month onwards.

Canon IXUS 990ISThe telephoto IXUS with a creative twist

The pricing for IXUS 990IS is not available at the moment as it is due for launch in the 2nd quarter of this year.

Canon IXUS 95ISEasy, comfortable photography in vibrant colors

The IXUS 95IS will cost S$399 and is already available.

Canon PowerShot SX200ISHigh-powered zoom & extensive creative freedom in a compact body

The pricing for PowerShot SX200IS is not available at the moment as it is due for launch in the 2nd quarter of this year.

Canon PowerShot A1100IS / Canon PowerShot A2100ISStunning results with these affordable and easy to use shooters

The PowerShot A1100IS will cost S$329 and it is already available. The pricing for PowerShot A2100IS is not available at the moment as it is due for launch in the 2nd quarter of this year.

Canon PowerShot A480Fuss-free photography that’s all about fun

The PowerShot A480 will cost S$219 and it is already available.

Canon EOS 500D
Here are some features taken from the press release:

Equipped with classleading features including a 15.0 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor, Full-HD video recording, a new 3-inch LCD and an expanded ISO range, the EOS 500D is primed to raise the bar for DSLRs in its class.
At its core, the EOS 500D employs a newly-developed 15.0 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor paired with Canon’s latest DIGIC 4 imaging processor. This combinationresults in faster processing times, ultra-sharp and high quality images with fine details and life-like hues.

The Power of DIGIC 4
With DIGIC 4’s high signal processing speed (1.3 times over DIGIC III), the EOS 500D is capable of a continuous shooting speed of 3.4 frames per second despite the higher processing load of 15.0 megapixel images.
Performance in low-light conditions has also been greatly improved with the EOS 500D. It is the first camera in its segment to feature an expanded ISO range, capable of up to ISO 12800 and is accompanied by three levels of high ISO speed noise reduction without any noticeable difference in shooting speed (when the Standard or Low setting is selected).

New HD Movie Recording and Improved Live View
The EOS 500D combines the versatility of DSLR imaging with high definition (HD) video recording at 1920 x 1080 resolution. This function can be activated instantly via the Mode Dial and stills can also be captured during movie shooting. For playback, the EOS 500D is equipped with a conventional A/V Out terminal, as well as a HDMI output, allowing the camera to be connected directly to today’s high definition TVs.

Live View has also been improved significantly, allowing the user to adjust the image composition from the camera LCD screen or a computer monitor. In the EOS 500D, most menu options are now available in Live View mode, and you can freely change shooting mode, AF mode (including face detection AF), AF point, and playback features. Advanced Features Brought to You by DIGIC 4 DIGIC 4 provides a number of key advances in the EOS 500D, including an Auto Lighting Optimizer which improves contrast and brightness of captured images. While this could either be enabled or disabled in earlier models, it is now possible to select from three
distinct settings to achieve an ideal exposure.

DIGIC 4’s Lens Peripheral Illumination Auto Correction feature removes lens vignetting without the need for post-processing on a computer. The EOS 500D stores specific lens data in the camera to automatically correct for vignetting, and achieves even brightness and saturation across the entire frame.

While the EOS 500D continues the strength of earlier models such as the 9-point autofocus system, 14-bit A/D converter, and dedicated buttons for commonly-used functions, the 3-inch LCD screen now has a greater resolution (4 times over predecessor) and is specially coated to resist glare and smudging. Beginners will also welcome the Creative Auto mode which can be easily accessed on the Mode Dial. This mode was created for novice photographers interested in exploring shooting beyond Full Auto mode. Creative Auto mode allows greater creative control by letting the user change camera settings via self-explanatory, graphical interface.

The pricing for EOS 500D is not available at the moment as it is due for launch in early May 2009.

Canon Legria HF S10 / Canon Legria HF S100Flagship HFS Series: ULTRA-High Definition

The Legria HF S10 will cost S$2,699 while the Legria HF S100 will cost S$2,299 and both models will be available from this month onwards.

Canon Legria HF20 / Canon Legria HF200Flagship HFS Series: ULTRA-High Definition

The Legria HF20 will cost S$1,999 while the Legria HF200 will cost S$1,599 and both models will be available from this month onwards.

Canon Legria FS22 / Canon Legria FS21 / Canon Legria FS200Ultra Compact and Fun with standard definition

The Legria FS22 will cost S$1,069, the Legria FS21 will cost S$869 and the Legria FS200 will cost S$$669 and all three models will be available from this month onwards.

Door Gifts
Canon door gifts are pretty good! a 8GB SDHC Class 4 SD card and a 1GB USB drive figurine.

A [4]