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Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple announced the new iPhone 3G S [1], S stands for speed. Basically, everything is the same as the iPhone 3G including the looks.

Here are the changes as compared to the iPhone 3G:

It will be available in Singapore by Singtel in July 2009. Just to let you know Singtel supports Internet Tethering as well as MMS for the iPhone OS 3. Seriously I think lots of Americans is hating AT&T right now because both Internet Tethering and MMS is not yet supported by AT&T.

iPhone OS 3 will be released on Wednesday, 17th June 2009 worldwide. With iPhone OS 3, I see no point in jailbreaking maybe besides the ability to change theme and SSH.

Keeping my fingers cross to see if Singtel allows last year iPhone 3G users to upgrade to iPhone 3G S.