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SingTel iPhone 3GS Price Plans

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Singtel has release their iPhone 3GS prices, for consumers the URL to go to is https://www.singtelshop.com/iPhone3GS/ [7] and for business users, the URL to go to is https://business.singtelshop.com/business/iphone/index.html [8]. As expected, the prices are pretty much the same as iPhone 3G when it was launch, you can check it out in my blog post at Singtel iPhone Price Plans [9].

It seems that Singtel has just screwed iPhone 3G users by imposing a penalty of S$600 if you only fulfilled between 6 to 12 months of contract and S$300 if you fulfilled between 12 months and 21 months of contract! Singtel should not forget that majority of the users that will purchase iPhone 3G will most likely purchase iPhone 3GS!

*Update* For early iPhone 3G Users adopters who got the iPhone 3G during August 2008, instead of paying S$600, Singtel will give you 50% off and you will just have to pay S$300 for the penalty instead of the usual S$600. This promotion is only applicable during the launch period on the 10th, 11th and 12 July 2009. If you get on the 13th July 2009 onwards, you are back to paying S$600 for the penalty.. This promotion has been extended till the end of July 2009.

*Update* Updated on 15th December 2009, SingTel increases the data usage of iFlexi plans to 12GB and decreases the iPhone 3GS prices.

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