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Infocomm123 iLike.iLink Contest

I will be endorsing Infocomm123 [1]‘s iLike.iLink Contest [2] as well as the the X-Box Xtravanganza [3] from the 8th July 2009 till the 27th July 2009. I would need to blog one post every 3 to 4 days during this period.

Let me introduce three things in this post:

What is Infocomm123?
Infocomm123.sg (“Infocomm123”) is a one-stop portal to get all one’s infocomm answers. Users can post questions on the portal and have fellow users answering them on the popular feature “iAsk [4]. iAnswer [3]“. Aside from this useful feature, there are a plethora of articles on infocomm topics on Big Fact Book. Interactive starter kits, e-Government guides and calendar of infocomm events are also all found on Infocomm123.

Think of it as Yahoo Answers [5] but in a more local context and the topics revolve around Infocomm Technology. It just takes you 5 minutes of your time to register [6] (no email activation is required) and you after that you can proceed on in asking your question [4]. Most of the questions asked [3] have a reply and there are rewards for people who reply to questions, which I will talk about in the X-Box Xtravanganz.

iLike. iLink Contest
This contest will commence today all the way till 27th July 2009. To take part in this contest, you just need to do 3 simple things:

The person who direct most links to Infocomm123 will win himself or herself 1 year worth of Golden Village (GV) [8] movie tickets worth S$240.

X-Box Xtravanganz
This contest will also commence today all the way till 27th July 2009. To take part in this contest, you will have to ask questions in iAsk [4], as well as answer other people questions in iAnswer [3].

The person who obtain the most points will win himself or herself a Microsoft Xbox 360.

Need more information? Check out the Infocomm123 Games and Contests page [9].