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Citibank’s Mobile Banking Platform

Citibank’s Mobile Banking Platform went live on the 14th August 2009. Unlike OCBC or Maybank where they chose to have a native iPhone app for their mobile banking, Citibank chooses a web based approach. Instead, you can add the bookmark icon on your home screen for quicker access similar to the native iPhone application.

The platform consists of two services, namely Citi Mobile and Citi Alerts.

Citi Mobile
Citi Mobile is a customized version of Citibank Online, Citibank’s Internet Banking Platform. The functions available on Citi Mobile are the most popular functions on Citibank Online, such as bill payment, funds transfer and account summary.

Citi Mobile is available to all Citibank’s customers who have Internet access on their mobile phone. You can carry out transactional activities including funds transfers and bill payments using the same Citibank Online login access with your card number and PIN. It is browser-based, and no registration or software download is required.

Here are some benefits of using Citi Mobile:

Here are some of the services provided by Citi Mobile:

For more information on Citi Mobile, check out www.citibank.com.sg/citimobile [1].

Citi Alerts
Citi Alerts is an SMS service that notifies you automatically when a banking activity such as a salary credit or a credit card charge occurs. It also allows you to access your banking and card information on-demand via two-way SMS.

There are two ways you can be alerted using Citi Alerts.
Alerts on Demand allows you to request a variety of information via an SMS to a pre-set number, including your account balance, outstanding credit card bill, and last four credit card transactions.
Here are some examples of Alerts on Demand:

Alerts offer you SMS notifications when you receive a GIRO credit of a specified amount, or when a charge above a pre-set amount is swiped on your credit card. You can customize which alert you wish to receive.
Here are some examples of Alerts:

For more information on Citi Alerts, check out www.citibank.com.sg/citialerts [2].

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