Today marks the last lecture which is CS4266 of my studies in NUS. It is also my last day of school. Next week will be my reading week and following that 2 weeks of exams. Similar to previous semesters, I have 4 examinable modules.

  • 24th November 2009 (Evening Paper) – SSA2211
  • 30th November 2009 (Morning Paper) – GEK1101
  • 1st December 2009 (Evening Paper) – CS4266
  • 3rd December 2009 (Evening Paper) – CS4259

Once I have finished my exams, I will be going to Taiwan for my graduate trip and after that Hong Kong with Li Xiang!

  • 7th to 13th December 2009 – Taiwan
  • 19th to 27th December 2009 – Hong Kong

Wish my luck for my last exams!