Today is Li Xiang 25th birthday! This year is a little bit more relax for us as we manage to have the whole day to ourselves.

We had dinner at TWG Tea at Ion Orchard as Li Xiang always wanted to try the dessert and tea there.

The main courses there are a little on the pricey side. It ranges from S$27 to S$32 and there are like like 5 choices of main course available. Not forgetting the portion is kinda little. I would not recommend having any full meal there.

Shrip Beignets (S$27)

Pike Perch Fillet (S$28)

On the other hand, the tea and dessert there are pretty good. There are like hundreds of tea selection available which I really do not know how to start choosing. The price starts at S$10 per pot, a pot is enough for 2 persons. We ordered the Happy Birthday tea which fits today’s occasion. The Happy Birthday tea is a little fruity!

Happy Birthday Tea (S$10.50)

There are some cakes available but we did not order them. Instead we ordered a Carrousel which is basically a very large Macarons filled with Strawberries and their homemade cream. We also did ordered two ala carte Macarons at S$2 each. The Macarons at TWG is nice, it is not too sweet.

Carrousel (S$10)

Macaron (S$2 each)

Total bill amounted to S$93.55 after 7% GST and 10% service charge!

We donated S$10 to the We Are One charity project at Ion and we are entitled to placed 5 LEGO bricks!

Donated To We Are One

Did not watch any movie today because Li Xiang will be having her end-semester FYP presentation tomorrow. Instead we will be watching 2012 this Saturday at midnight at GV Max!

Happy 25th Birthday Penguin! All the best for your studies! Going to graduate soon! Jia You!!!

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