I purchased my D-Link DNS-323 on the 1st September 2008 during Comex 2008.

3 days ago, my DNS-323 decided to give up on me, just after 1 year and 3 months! The warranty for the DNS-323 is only 1 year so my warranty had just ended! Argh!

I thought I might try my luck, I wrote in to D-Link saying I am a blogger blah blah blah and a huge fan of D-Link, spending S$519 worth of D-Link products during IT Show 2009 and to see if out of goodwill, they can RMA for me. But if it fails, at lest I tried and time to hoot a new NAS.

Here is what happen:

  • I found my DNS-323 switched off and immediately power it back on.
  • Works normally after powering it on, but after an hour, the DNS-323 disconnect itself from the network.
  • I tried powering it off and on again by pressing on the power button but to no avail.
  • I have to manually plug out the power cable and plug in back in again and press the power button to power it on.
  • Works normally again, but as usual, after an hour, it disconnect itself from the network again.
  • Power button still does not work, have to manually plug out and in the power cable to reboot it.
  • This time round, the power LED light blinks non-stop after booting up
  • I tried hard reset, swapping the harddisks, removing the harddisks, all could not work, the power light continue to blink.
  • I seek help from my friend, Andy, who is an expert with D-Link products, tried some of his method but still could not get the DNS-323 to hard reset

While waiting for D-Link to reply me, I did some research on 2-Bay NAS and have narrowed down to the following 4 choices which is within my budget.

SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS210j

Price: S$408
Official Link: SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS210j


Price: S$514
Official Link: QNAP TS-210

NetGear ReadyNAS Duo (Diskless)
Price: S$429
Official Link: NetGear ReadyNAS Duo (Diskless)

Thecus N3200 Pro
Price: S$499
Official Link: Thecus N3200 Pro
Note: This is 3-Bay NAS, but I included it because it is within my budget.

The purpose of me using a NAS is to share files within my home network and to use it as a BitTorrent machine. I also backed up my files on it, so I will definitely run RAID1 with it. Any recommendations on which one I should settle for eventually? Please leave a comment. Thanks a lot!