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Apple Next Generation iPhone Leaked

It is said that the Apple next generation iPhone aka “iPhone HD” was lost/dropped in a bar by Gray Powell, who is an Apple Software Engineer working on the iPhone Baseband Software. The iPhone was later found by someone else. Gizmodo rumored to have paid US$5,000 for the prototype and did a dissect of it. The iPhone is not bootable because Apple remotely killed the phone assuming immediately the phone was reported lost by its employee. No I wonder how many heads is going to roll.

Apple Next Generation iPhone

I have mirrored the pictures from Gizmodo into Flicker:

A [1]

Here are the breakdown, copy + paste from Gizmodo:

What’s New

What’s Change

Source: Gizmodo: This Is Apple’s Next iPhone [2]

Now can Gizmodo pass the phone to Geohot [3] for jailbreak and iFixit [4] for the internal guts!