Finally, SingTel now support MicroSIM cards in their MultiSIM plans, however the price is 2x more expensive the normal SIM cards and from the description on the VAS page under “Others” tab, it was mentioned that then can be only 1 MicroSIM card in any combination of MultiSIM.

So if you got 4 SIM cards, only 1 of them can be MicroSIM and the other 3 is normal SIM. Perhaps it is due to the initial hight stock demand. But I believed that it will change eventually once the dust has settle.

But the justification of the price for just the 1 MicroSIM card is totally not worth it. I rather get the normal MultiSIM which cost only $5.35 monthly and get a MicroSIM card cutter for US$17.43 (including shipping) from Deal Extreme to cut it than pay $16.05 every month for it.

General 1-time Fee

  • Connection: S$10.70
  • Multi-SIM Card: S$32.10 (for 1 set of 2 SIM cards)
  • $10.70 each (for sub-sequent SIM cards)

Normal SIM Monthly Fee

  • 2 SIM Cards: S$5.35
  • 3 SIM Cards: S$10.70
  • 4 SIM Cards: S$11.77

MicroSIM Monthly Fee

  • 2 SIM Cards (1 of which is MicroSIM): S$16.05
  • 3 SIM Cards (1 of which is MicroSIM): S$21.40
  • 4 SIM Cards (1 of which is MicroSIM): S$22.47

Website: SingTel PostPaid VAS