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MicroSIM Cutter

Ordered my MicroSIM cutter from Deal Extreme for US$20.00, but now the price has dropped to US$17.43. In case you are unfamiler with Deal Extreme, the price stated includes free shipping. Placed my order on the 11th July 2010 and got it delivered to me on the 22nd July 2010. Took about 11 days before it reaches my house. I think it is because of supplier’s stock issue as when I check the status, it was stuck at “Waiting For Supplier” for a few days.

Using the MicroSIM cutter is pretty straight forward, just place your SIM card into the slot and ensure that the slanted edge matches and press the cutter handle down real hard!

Package Front

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SingTel Now Supports MultiSIM For MicroSIM

Finally, SingTel now support MicroSIM cards in their MultiSIM plans, however the price is 2x more expensive the normal SIM cards and from the description on the VAS page under “Others” tab, it was mentioned that then can be only 1 MicroSIM card in any combination of MultiSIM.

So if you got 4 SIM cards, only 1 of them can be MicroSIM and the other 3 is normal SIM. Perhaps it is due to the initial hight stock demand. But I believed that it will change eventually once the dust has settle.

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MicroSIM Cards in Singapore

Last Saturday, 29th May 2010, Starhub and M1 begun selling MicroSIM cards and SingTel will follow behind on 1st June 2010 which is tomorrow.

No idea whether does the telecos here allow MultiSIM card to have MicroSIM or it is strictly for data plans only. Nevertheless, you still can cut it to MicroSIM size by using just a scissors. Just BECAREFUL not to even snip a bit off the golden metal contact point as it will make the SIM card useless.

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SingTel Already Preparing MicroSIM

It seems that SingTel have already begun preparing MicroSIM for users. Accordingly to the user “MorpheusV” who posted in this thread, Looks like SingTel has started saling MicroSIM, states that when he sign up for SingTel’s 7.2Mbps 2 years contract, it comes with a Huawei E5832 and the sales person told him that the SIM card of the plan would be MicroSIM.

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