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SingTel iPhone 4 Price Plans

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SingTel has release their iPhone 4 prices for their iFlexi plans. The iPhone 4 will be launching on 30th July 2010 at 12:00am (29th July 2010 midnight) at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (Hall F).

The prices are pretty much the same as iPhone 3GS when it was launch, you can check it out Singtel iPhone 3GS Price Plan [6] or Singtel iPhone 3G Price Plans [7].

This time round, you are able to get the iPhone 4 without contact directly from Apple Singapore Online Store [8] and surprisingly the price is pretty reasonable.

iPhone 4 Price (Without Contract)

iFlexi Plans

It is recommended that you get iFlexi plan instead of getting a Voice Only plan with BroadBand on Mobile (BBOM) as a Value-Added Service (VAS). This is because you will end up paying more and the bundled data usage is much lesser than what is given in an iFlexi plan.

Voice Only Plans

Data Only Plans