Received my Apple iPhone 4 Bumpers (Black) from the iPhone 4 Case Program today. It was shipped on the 20th August 2010 and it took about 5 days to reach me. The Apple iPhone 4 Bumper is retailing for US$29.

I can’t really find anything special about the bumper besides the metallic material used for the volume controls and power button. It does not protect the back which is major disadvantage.

Upon holding your iPhone 4 with the bumper on feels weird because the back somewhat feels concaving in. This is because of the extra height added to the edges of the iPhone 4. The bumper is not exactly tight fit and hence when pressing the sides of your iPhone felt a little squashy. Also the bumper adds some depth to all the buttons and connectors. For example, if you are using a L shaped headphone, chances are you might not be able to be able to plug in fully to the headphone jack.

My brother did say it somewhat solves the attenuation issue on his iPhone 4 when comparing it with the SwitchEasy Nude and of course both is compared using the dead grip.

My next case, Speck PixelSkin HD, is targeted to ship on the 20th September 2010 but I hope I can receive it way before that as this bumper was received 2 weeks earlier than the targeted date of 7th September 2010.

Check out my post on iPhone 4 Case Program if you need more information on the iPhone 4 cases from the iPhone 4 Case Program.

Packaging Front

Packaging Back

Headphone Jack

Side Buttons