My Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 (Clear) from the iPhone 4 Case Program has arrived yesterday! Received a shipping notification from Apple on the 16th August 2010 and it took 4 days to reach my letterbox . Since this is a free case, it is being delivered by DHL Global Mail instead of DHL Express and hence the casing is placed in an envelope and delivered to your letterbox instead of your doorstep.

The Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 is the most expensive case among the iPhone 4 Case Program, retailing for US$34.95.

In case you are wondering which free iPhone 4 case to get from the iPhone 4 Case Program, check out my overview of the iPhone 4 Case Program.

The Incase Snap Case is pretty similar to the SwitchEasy Nude, but personally I prefer the Incase Snap Case just because it is easier to take out. The plastic of Incase Snap Case is also thicker than SwitchEasy Nude and I am pretty sure the back of both cases will be scratch easily. Both also displays the rainbow effect if you have a screen protector applied to the back of your iPhone 4.

The good thing about SwitchEasy Nude is that it comes with accessories, screen protectors, headphone jack protectors, 30 pin connector protectors and even a cleaning cloth. The Incase Snap Case only comes with a stand and I seriously doubt I will use it.

Apple Bumper will be the next case to be shipped. I received the shipping notification yesterday, 20th August 2010, and it will be delivered by 26th August 2010. No news yet of the Speck PixelSkin HD.

Packaging Front

Packaging Back

Side View

Top View

Bottom View