After much hesitation, finally got a new graphics card to replace mine old Leadtek PX9800GX2 1GB DDR3 which gives me BSOD EVERY SINGLE TIME I run any 3D games. This problem occurred just after a year! RMA once, but the problem came back to my RMAed set once my warranty is over! If I just use it normally (Programming/Internet/Work), it will work fine. But these task does not do justice to my Core 2 Quad with 8GB of RAM!

I thought that I am getting an iMac soon and will not need a graphics card, but after thinking for a few weeks, I think that is still a long way! I am guessing the iMac will be refreshed with a new design in September 2011 and that is the time I am going to get it!.

At first I wanted to get XFX Radeon HD 5830 1GB GDDR5 (S$299), but Fuewell at Sim Lim Square ran out of stock, so I ask the guy introduce me a graphics card with a budget of about S$300. He recommend me MSI N460GTX Cylone 768D5 (S$329) or Asus ENGTX460 TOP 768MD5 (S$319). Both come with 3 years warranty. In the end I chose MSI N460GTX Cylone 768D5 because the fan looks cooler! I paid by cash and I got S$4 off! So end up paying S$325. By the way, now you can pay NETS with no additional surcharge at Fuwell because they have manage to negotiate with NETS to keep the transaction fee low.

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MSI N460GTX Cylone 768D5