With gadgets comes the amount of messy wires and power sockets needed if you want to charge them simultaneously.

Been eying on a charging station in particular the Bluelounge’s Refresh for a few days, it is very hard to find in Singapore. I went to all the Apple stores in Orchard and VivoCity and only EpiCentre at Ion Orchard carries it, but there is only 1 and only set left which is pink (selling for S$138)! The sales personnel told me that the supplier ran out of Black and White stock.

End up I went to Best Denki at VivoCity and got the Konnext SynCharger instead for S$129. The only three advantages that the SynCharger have is that it is able to charge iPad, sync to your computer while charging and 4 USB ports that allows you to charge any USB devices. The Refresh on the other hand has much better looks with 3 fix charging heads and 2 USB ports and is not able to charge iPad nor sync with your computer while charging.

I hope I will see the light of induction charging going mainstream!

Box Front



SynCharger Opened


Messy Wires Hidden

Mobile Phones Connected