Got the Bluelounge SpaceStation from Design Museum Shop located at Red Dot Traffic for S$127.35. I have not seen the SpaceStation sold elsewhere yet, if I do come across, I will update this post accordingly.

This SpaceStation should complete my Bluelounge collection for the time being. I ordered Bluelounge MiniDock and Bluelounge Extra Connectors online and still waiting for it to arrive sometime in mid September. I have yet to order Bluelounge Kicks as I want to wait for my previous shipment to come first before deciding to order again.

I would consider the SpaceStation as a docking station + USB Hub for my Macbook Pro. Firstly, it elevates your MacBook Pro at an angle, allowing air to flow through the hot battery area located at the bottom. This elevation also makes typing on the MacBook Pro more comfortable.

Next is the USB Hub which allows you to charge 4 devices at a time because it comes with an AC Adapter that supplies enough power to all the 4 ports and if you need to sync all 4 devices at a time, there is also a USB cable which is already connected to the USB Hub and all you need to do is to connect it to your MacBook Pro USB Port.

Underneath the SpaceStation are internal coiling pins that allows you to tidy up your USB cables by coiling around them. I have problems keeping the cables coiled around the pins as they keep unwinding by themselves especially the Apple Dock Connector USB Cable. I guess I need to use cable ties to tie them up immediately after coiling them first before flipping the SpaceStation over.

Just in case anybody is wondering, there is space allowance between the bottom of the SpaceStation and your table as that is needed for your cable to stick out for you to connect to your devices.

I would consider the SpaceStation a bit pricey since you can get a notebook raiser and a Powered USB Hub for about S$50. But I guess you are paying for the brand and style.

Box Front
Box Front
Top View - USB Cable To Connect To MacBook Pro
Top View – USB Cable To Connect To MacBook Pro
Underneath - Coiling Pins
Underneath – Coiling Pins
Underneath - Messy USB Cables
Underneath – Messy USB Cables
Docking Station
Docking Station