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Bluelounge CableBox

The Bluelounge CableBox [1] is the first Bluelounge product that I bought. I bought it when I was in Hong Kong back in April 2011 for HK$288 (~S$45.67) at city’super [2]. Too bad they only have white color over there.

In Singapore you can find both the black and white color at Challenger (Funan) [3] or at EpiCentre@Ion Orchard [4] retailing for S$49.90 (Member’s Price: S$44.91).

Do note that at most you can only fit in a 5-Socket (3-Pin) Power Strip into this CableBox. I got a 6-Socket Power Strip and it is too long for the box. Too bad the CableBox does not come in a larger size. However, they do come in a smaller size, take a look at Bluelounge CableBox Mini [5].


CableBox Open

CableBox With 3-Socket Power Strip

CableBox Under Table

A [6]