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SingTel Tag Lite

SingTel does not have “Tag Lite” mentioned anywhere on their webpages. The only way to know more about it is to go to any SingTel Hello Stores [1]. I first got to know it when I was surfing Hardware Zone Forums and specifically in the “MultiSIM with SingTel to use on iPad [2]” thread.

Tag Lite Supplementary Plan allows users to share bundled data between supplementary line and main line.

In summary, think of Tag Lite as MultiSIM without the sharing of voice minutes and SMSes between the SIM cards. Tag Lite only allows you to share data between the SIM Cards.

If you read the thread [2] I mentioned above, you will notice many users complained that the speed of Tag Lite is slower than MultiSIM, in particular, it is being capped at 0.35Mbps. Despite that is not true (there is no speed cap for Tag Lite), I still can’t explain why the network engineers can “uncap” it for some users after they called in to complain about the speed.

If you ask me, I say go for the MultiSIM instead at least you can share voice minutes and SMSes with your other secondary phones (besides iPad) for just additional S$5 more per month.