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Nokia E6 Blogger Preview

Nokia E6

Was invited to a blogger event for the preview of Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 (next post). The Nokia E6 will be out in June 2011 and with a RRP of S$570. For sales launch only the Black and Sliver color will be available. The White will be launched at a later date. Wonder does it face the same problem as Apple having “white” color, but of course the “official” answer I got from the product manager is no.

All 3 Colors Of Nokia E6 (Black – Left, Grey – Center, White – Right)

The Nokia E6 is an upgrade to my Nokia E72 [1]. The built remains the same (solid because of stainless steel), the battery cover is still made of metal and the screen is made up of scratch resistant glass.

The screen size is slightly bigger. The E72 is 2.36″ while the E6 is 2.46″ but one added improvement to it is that it is now a capacitive touch screen and it cramps in 640 x 480 pixels (325 ppi). Just for reference, iPhone 4 Retina display is 960 × 640 pixels (326 ppi).

Technical Specifications

Symbian Anna

It will be the first phone in the market to run the updated Symbian Anna.

New Icons In Symbian Anna

You Can Now Type URL In The “Always Visible” Address Bar

If you notice Anna starts with the letter “A”, I wonder will the next update be called “Betty” as what DK [2] calls it.

Nokia E6 (Left), Nokia E72 (Right)

If you have been waiting for an upgrade to Nokia E72 because you need to stick to Symbian for some reasons, the Nokia E6 is definitely for you.

A [3]

Official Site: Nokia E6 [4]