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Nokia X7 Blogger Preview

Nokia X7

The Nokia X7 is not really an upgrade to any existing model, similar to the Nokia E6, it felt solid. It has a 4.0″ AMOLED capacitive touch screen and the body is made up of stainless steel. It will be the second mobile phone running on Symbian Anna after Nokia E6. It’s battery is non-removable.

Software Versions

The unique design about the Nokia X7 is the 4 corners of the phone. The 2 corners on 1 side contains the speakers and the other 2 corners on the other side are just dummy placeholders just to make it look more proportionate/even. The sound output from the Nokia X7 is pretty loud.

Side Of Nokia X7

It has 2 colors available, Dark Steel and Light Steel and is targeted for launch in June 2011 as well. Local pricing is not out yet but the RRP in Euros is €360 (~S$632).

Front – Light Steel (Left), Dark Steel (Right)

Back – Light Steel (Left), Dark Steel (Right)

Technical Specifications

Not really a huge fan of this phone with regards to design, I still prefer the design of my Nokia N8 [1].

A [2]

Official Site: Nokia X7 [3]