Got the Tanita Glass Digital Bathroom Scale HD-382 at TANGS for S$78. It has huge LCD display with blue backlight, something that helps when you are looking down from a distance.

I finally got my own weighing scale as previously I have to weigh myself in my parent’s room. I have started to become obsessed with my weight every since I started losing weight back in October 2010.

After about 8 months (October 2010 to June 2011) of exercising and dieting, I am down from 89kg to 67kg (before meal). If you take a look at my blog post in January 2011, I am 78kg back then.

Now I have cut down my exercising (running or swimming) to twice per week but I still continuing my dieting. Hopefully I can maintain my weight! It feels so good to be able to wear jeans from 10 years ago (yes 10 years ago), those jeans that I wear to Polytechnic!

Box Front

Weighing Scale

My Weight After Meal